OneNote Mac – a parody song

Well it's been a very long time since I've written on my personal blog here as I've moved to other channels to communicate. But this one is a fun personal one from the OneNote team.

One of the privileges of working on OneNote is working with a bunch of fun, creative folks. It makes it such a joy to come to work every day. As an example, here's a funny parody of One Day More from Les Miz they wrote and recorded after hours in their offices just for fun. It was written, sung and recorded by team members. Nicole wrote the lyrics. Scott, Tom, Victoria, Edan, Greg, Anav, Nicole and others sang and recorded the vocal track one night in Scott's office. Scott did the audio editing. And lots of team members joined in hamming up the lip sync video. And Greg, Nicole and Scott put it all together.

This gives you a little inside glimpse on why we love working here.




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  1. Hellcat says:

    At the end they should have sang "but mac still sucks" and then shown them blowing up a bunch of apple devices.  That would have been a great ending for this video!

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