OneNote 2010 – What’s New For You

Yesterday was a very exciting day for everyone on the OneNote team. We have been designing, developing and testing the OneNote 2010 release for quite some time now. We’ve been using it ourselves every day for well over a year. It has already dramatically changed the way we and many other teams and individuals at Microsoft work. And with the availability of the Office 2010 Technical Preview today to selected participants, we’re excited to finally be able to share more details with you.

In this post I’ll give a 30,000 foot overview of the major investments for OneNote 2010, and then in subsequent posts we’ll go into more detail on the feature areas with screenshots and more.


OneNote 2010 Investments Overview

1. Universal Access

We repeatedly hear that access to your notes and the ability to take them anywhere is very important, whether you’re at work, home or on the go. OneNote 2007 already provides offline availability and seamless sync, and a basic OneNote application for Windows Mobile. But we knew that was just the beginning. With OneNote 2010 we’ve added:

  • Sync to Cloud (Windows Live): Your notebooks sync and are available anywhere from any machine. Of course this is in addition to all the existing ways you can sync notebooks (file shares, SharePoint, USB drives etc.)
  • OneNote Web App: You can access and edit your entire notebook from a browser. Even on a machine that doesn’t have OneNote installed.
  • OneNote Mobile: A more complete OneNote version for Windows Mobile phones. Syncs whole notebooks. Syncs directly to the cloud. No need to tether your device. Richer editing support.

Note: The above are not yet available in the Tech Preview unfortunately. We’re still finishing some integration work for sync to Windows Live.

2. Sharing and Collaboration

With OneNote 2007 we pioneered simultaneous multi-user editing of notebooks. OneNote 2007 auto-magically merges the edits, even simultaneous edits on the same page. This is valuable for single users (you can edit on desktop and laptop and not have one machine lock the file), but it’s even more valuable for  teams sharing a notebook for plans, ideas, meetings and so on. Or perhaps a family notebook shared with your significant other. We’ve heard lots of positive feedback about this, and  it has completely transformed the way many teams work and collaborate. We’ve also heard about many families that use it for sharing home renovation plans, gardening info, recipes, wedding planning and so on.

In OneNote 2010 we’ve added a number of features to make the experience of sharing with others more productive and intuitive. These include:

  • What’s new (aka Unread) highlighting: New content that someone else added or changed since you last looked at a page is highlighted so you can see what’s new on that page. Also, the notebook name, section tabs and page tabs are shown in bold so you can quickly navigate to pages with new content.
  • Author indicator: Content written by anyone other than you has a small color coded bar to the right with their initials. At a glance you can tell who wrote something.
  • Versioning: Quickly show past versions of any given page, who wrote it and when, with changes relative to previous versions highlighted.
  • Fast sync on same page: When multiple people are working on the same page we speed up the sync of that page so you can see other peoples edits in near real time.
  • We also added capabilities to be able to quickly search for recently added content (last day, week, month etc.) or get an overview of what given people changed on what days.
  • Merge two sections: This feature is more of a detail but it fits here. Sometimes people share notebooks using Live Mesh or Dropbox or other file sharing solutions. And you can end up with two forked copies of a section if you happened to make changes on two machines at once (you can read earlier posts for context, but OneNote cannot auto-magically merge simultaneous edits when working on these systems that copy files around underneath OneNote). So we’ve added the ability to manually merge any two sections if you ever get into this situation. Just tell OneNote which two sections you want merged and OneNote will take care of it.

3. Better ways to Organize and Find your Notes

Capturing, organizing and finding your information has always been at the heart of what OneNote does. We’ve made several enhancements in this core area. Some of these will be more understandable once we have detailed blog posts with screenshots.

  • Section and page tab improvements: making notebook navigation work better with a larger number of sections and pages, easier to create new sections, better page tab hierarchy visualization, collapse sub page groups, just drag left and right to create sub pages and organize your pages, insert new pages directly anywhere in your page tabs.
  • Fast “word wheel” search for navigation: the goal of this is to make search a super fast way to get to your regularly used notes. Historically search has been more of a “last resort” feature when you couldn’t find something. We’ve completely revamped this experience so it is now designed to make it the fastest way to get to any page including pages you visit regularly like your To Do list.
  • Wiki linking: you can easily create a link to an existing page or to a new page for a topic. You can do this by just typing the Wiki link syntax (e.g. just type [[The Page Title I Want]] ), or use our new page search experience from within the link dialog. This enables you to easily create Wiki like notebooks with lots of cross links across pages.
  • Quick filing: there are many ways to send content to OneNote (Print to OneNote, send mails from Outlook, send pages from Internet Explorer and so on). Our new Quick Filing experience pops up to let you pick where in your notebook you want to send it. It remembers the last places you sent things. You can search in Quick Filing to find a specific section or page if you want it somewhere else.

4. Research and taking notes linked to documents, web pages

OneNote is often used as a companion while researching topics and collecting information (e.g. a market analysis study, a class paper, a home renovation, a car purchase and so on). This often involves looking at web pages or documents and taking notes. You could also be reviewing a document or class lecture slides and taking notes as you’re looking through them. We’ve enhanced a number of things to make this experience better.

  • Docked OneNote: you can dock OneNote to the side of your screen. It docks alongside other windows (e.g. browser, Word, PowerPoint). OneNote minimizes UI and just shows the notes page alongside your document/browser.
  • Linked Note Taking: while in this mode, OneNote automatically links the notes you take to what you’re looking at – the web page URL, the selection point in Word, the current slide in PowerPoint. Later in OneNote you can hover on that link and you’ll see a thumbnail preview of the original document, you can click on it and it will open and take you back to what you were looking at when you wrote the note.
  • Auto text wrapping: this goes well with Docked OneNote but is useful in other cases too. OneNote now wraps text outlines to fit the windows size if there is only one outline on the page. This makes it easy to see all your notes even when OneNote is docked to a relatively narrow window on the side.
  • IRM protected printouts: this is mainly for enterprise and training scenarios. The idea is that companies can distribute things like product manuals or class notes in OneNote that are protected intellectual property. The recipient can view these in OneNote and take their own personal notes on top of these materials and beside them. If for some reason the materials were viewed by an unauthorized person they would not see any of the protected material.
  • 64 bit print driver: Yes, OneNote 2010 has a new native print driver that fully supports 64 bit. It’s based on the XPS technology from Windows. It also has other virtues like better rendering quality when scaled.

5. Editing improvements

There are a number of basic editing improvements in OneNote. Below are some more prominent ones.

  • Basic styles: OneNote 2010 adds very basic styles like Heading 1,2,3. This does not have the power of Words styling features. OneNote is not designed for that level of document formatting. But it does give you a way to quickly have your meeting notes have a little structure.
  • Bullets improvements: this is a simple one but oft requested. First level bullets now indent from previous text.
  • Equations: OneNote 2010 now supports the ability to add math equations. Great for students or people who need to input math into their notebooks. OneNote will also support the ability to recognize hand written math equations and convert them when running on Windows 7.
  • Mini-Translation tooltips: OneNote can now show you a tooltip with a translation into your native language when your mouse hovers over a foreign language word. Great for language students, or if you’re working in a bi-lingual situation and need help understanding a word in a shared notebook or that you clipped from the web. This is thanks to integration of work from our GXP team mentioned in their blog.

6. Touch support

With the rapidly increasing availability of touch enabled PCs and the enhanced touch experience in Windows 7, this was a natural thing for OneNote to support.

  • Finger panning and auto-switch: you can use your finger to scroll and pan around any page in OneNote. OneNote auto switches between pen, pan, and selection depending on your input device. So for example you can pan around a drawing with your left finger and draw with a tablet pen in your right hand. This makes for a very natural two handed interaction model.
  • Pinch zoom: we enabled pinch zooming within OneNote centered on the fingers.
  • Navigation controls improved for touch: we’ve made some small optimizations to make the UI easier to use with touch.

7. Fluent UI

OneNote now adopts the Fluent UI along with the other Office applications.

  • Ribbon: OneNote now has the Ribbon. We’ve designed this to optimize for the key OneNote scenarios and make them easier to use. This is also what enables us to more easily add features like math equation editing (the common controls for that use the Ribbon), and potential future features.
  • Office Backstage: This is new for Office 2010. OneNote will be taking advantage of it to make tasks like creating new notebooks, and new shared notebooks on the web easier (we’re still doing work on this).


We’ll write more in future posts to explain each of these areas in more detail. We hope you enjoy OneNote 2010!

David Rasmussen

Group Program Manager, OneNote

Comments (50)

  1. Joseph S. says:

    This is an impressive list of improvements! I have long wanted many of the features described and OneNote 2010 will definitely improve my productivity and make my life easier. I have some questions, though.

    Which web browsers will be supported for docking? If my favorite browser is not supported, can third parties add support?

    One feature I really miss and don’t see mentioned, is better tag search. Specifically, am I going to be able to search for notes by specifying multiple tags I’d like to search on? Or even find something that has one tag, but not another?

    Another big issue for me is that tag customizations seem to be saved on a per-machine basis in OneNote 2007 instead of per-notebook. I use my own tags instead of the ones provided by default  and they’re not saved with my notebooks. This means that I have to manually recreate my tags on every machine I want to edit my notes on. And every time I change my tags, I have to remember to make the change on every machine. This also prevents me from tagging my notes on somebody else’s machine  because my tags are missing.

    Will OneNote 2010 allow me to define my tags once and use them on every machine I open my notes on? I’d also like the web-based version of OneNote pick up my custom tags and allow me to use them.


  2. marypcb says:

    +1 on being able to sync my custom tags to the Web app – and please make them part of the customisations you export with the ribbon; I am fed up of recreating my tags and putting them at the top of the list on every machine I use.

    and on the mobile side, *many* thanks or fixing the tether problem – please make it so the mobile notebook syncs onto all my OneNote machines! And please have good tools for allowing me to pick what gets synced; as a long-time OneNote user I have *many* years of notes and I’d like options like ‘anything I’ve edited in the last month’ as well as ‘sections I pick to always sync’. And please – please – please – let me change the name of a note on the mobile without breaking the sync link!

    And I’m going to repeat my plea on getting a better version of the proofing tools with context menu AutoCorrect flyout into OneNote; the spelling checker in OneNote is more primitive than Word 2003!

  3. fleon says:

    The improvements are fantastic, but the tablet interface problems introduced with 2010 are also major- so much that I’ll be forced to stick with 2007 until they are fixed.  

    1) Pen size can not even be changed to the default .25 size of earlier Onenote versions.  This is horrible- it’s like it wasn’t even tested with tablet users.

    2) The ribbon interface is great in the rest of office, but it makes doing common Onenote tasks slow and cumbersome.   For example- in Onenote 2007 with the pen toolbar out, to change to a different pen color is a 3 step operation- 1: recognize pen icon, 2: move pen to icon, 3: click pen.   In 2010 it’s a 6 step process-   1: recognize "Draw" tab, 2: move pen to "Draw", 3: click "Draw", 4: recognize pen icon, 5: move to pen icon, 6: click pen.   I do process and ergonomics consulting, and this is just a horrible step backwards.  

    The rest of the interface changes are fantastic- love the collapsing subpages!

  4. krypticide says:

    Very glad to see enhanced linking options and search. I have been using PersonalBrain as a way to link "thoughts" or concepts, and have had difficulty trying to link that into OneNote. I also liked the instant search capability it had to bring up any thought immediately.

    I’m hoping 2010 will be able to replicate these features well.

  5. ntpro says:

    iPhone app please! MS could release a killer Office suite for the iPhone. Evernote gets it. Across *all* platforms and devices, not just MS ones.

  6. davidealex says:

    Yes, please iphone app for sure.

    Is it true that Tech Ed attendees will receive the Technical Preview auto-magically?

  7. DavidRas says:

    Thanks for all the feedback. I’ll try and address some here in comments but some I’ll address in future posts.

    1.) Docked OneNote can work with other browsers (and any other app) too. They’ll need to implement that API that OneNote expects to call to work with it (or someoned would need to implement a plug in that does). More on this later.

    2.)  Tags. I don’t think we’ll get everything you want here in 2010, but we have thought about this area a lot. Alas finite resources limit how much we can do. There are ways to solve the custom tags syncing across machines (slightly hacky but work). I’ll blog more on this later.

    3.) Re: OneNote Mobile. Yes, because it syncs to cloud/server and not via tether to your local machine you will be able to sync the same notebook that’s available on multiple machines. More later on the details of OneNote Mobile.

    4.) Fleon. There are still some ink related bugs in the tech preview. The default pen size should be changable. Also, the choice of pen sizes that we provide out of the box is subject to customer feedback (it’s easy to pick different parameters here it’s not much of a code change), so feedback like this is exactly what’s valuable to us from tech preview participants. We’ll look at it. We’ve heard the feedback loud and clear about pen selection from Ribbon vs the old toolbar. We’re looking at this, but not sure what we can do here yet… thanks again for the feedback.

    5.) Re: iPhone app. We are very serious about the importance of Universal Access to your notes. It’s important for us to hear feedback about the places that are important to you. So thanks for this feedback.

  8. abeery says:

    Love many of the additions but as a Tablet PC fanatic I want more! I’ve commented before and it just seems mind-boggling to me that it has not been done yet but why hasn’t "Mind Mapping" been built into OneNote?  I end up using two applications to take notes for meetings (Mind Mapper and OneNote) when the two are such natural compliments to one another.  Seriously take a look at *any* of the Mind Mapping programs out there and think about adding basic MindMapping to OneNote — plz!

  9. scoobie says:

    Disappointed to hear once again the tags functionality isn’t being improved. Lack of syncing tags , lack of searching multiple tags  and too limited a number of master tags to be a true knowledge base functionality

    Hacking workarounds just aren’t productive and won’t be utilitised by 99% of users.

  10. vicanto says:



    I need your opinion about integration

    between  onenote and personalbrain (I have 40.000 pieces of information linked (parent, children, sibling) in personalbrain. I love the plus features in onenote but I need some new features.


    It will be in Onenote visual representation about link between notes (parent, children, sibling)?


    can onenote notebook handle 100GB of attachments (my personal documents)? What is the notebook attachments size limit


  11. vicanto says:

    "Onenotes + PersonBrai​n

    I’ve used one notes since 2004 and have recently found something that has made notetaking​ a lot easier.

    One thing I didn’t like about onenotes is that it isn’t very easy to show a high level relationsh​ip with one idea to another. Yes there are "Notbooks"​, "Section Groups", "Sections"​, "Sheets" and "Subsheets​" but I wasn’t able to show how one idea really related to another idea.

    I started using "PersonalB​rain" from: http://www​.thebrain.​com/ at first I was able to show how my ideas really related to each other, but was frustrated​ because I wanted to relate it with one notes. Then I started using the right click option on onenotes to "Copy hyperlink to this page" where "page" could be "notebook"​, or "paragraph​" or whatever, and then I would right click on the node inside personal brain to create a hyperlink to one notes.

    For example I have a notebook called "Engineeri​ng", and one of my main branches off of the parent node in PersonalBr​ain is "Engineeri​ng" so I dropped a hyperlink onto that node.

    Basically what it does is utilize the simplicity​ of mindmappin​g with the notetaking​ of onenotes."

  12. sidersdd says:

    Any investments in the space of extensibility/development/integration?  Major changes to the API?  Managed code add-in support?

  13. Jack_au says:

    Thanks for the info David.

    A quick question: Will OneNote 2010 run under Windows XP?



  14. sniem says:

    Yes, iPhone support is essential for me, too. If you have a corp. policiy not to support other great platforms, that would hurt yourself in the long run, but that’s your choice. Go for iPhone support.

  15. jasonmhuntington says:

    I just want to say that I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to participate in the Office 2010 Tech Preview.  Additionally, OneNote has been my favorite and most useful application.  So far, I am totally impressed with the improvements in ON 2010.  It is great.  I’m really excited about the upcoming feature of syncing to Windows Live.  Congrats on the great project!

  16. OneNoteToRuleThemAll says:

    I can’t imagine managing my personal and professional life without OneNote.  Some great enhancements coming along, like collapsing subpages, and being able to insert new pages anywhere instead of creating a new one only at the bottom.  I would like to see an iPhone app as well.  And, I’d like to see mindmapping integrated so I wouldn’t have to use both OneNote and MindManager.  While I can use hyperlinks to get around the hierarchical structure of OneNote, mindmapping would provide visualization that is very helpful as well.

  17. says:

    OneNote is my basic work instrument for some years. I’m very happy with the improvements in OneNote 2010, first of all the possibility to expand and collapse sub page groups. Docked OneNote, and the Quick Access Tool Bar are very useful as well.

    The automatic switching between ink and text mode is not yet perfect at least on my MotionComputing LE 1700 with Windows 7 RC. It always switches back to ink made without any reason.

    I agree and I would like to enforce some of the observations made before:

     -The issue with the pen toolbar – the old solution (optional static pen toolbar of the side of the screen) was better. The possibility to put the first row of the favorite pens in the Quick Access Tool Bar would solve the problem.

     -Mind mapping – even a very primitive one, would be a very nice extention to existing possibilities of OneNote.

     – For tablet users it would helpful to have the possibility to dock optionally the Quick Access Tool Bar at the bottom of the page.

     -When publishing a page to blog, OneNote opens Word. I would ejoy to have an option for direct publishing or publishing using Live Writer.

    These are minor observations, I’m very pleased with OneNote 2010 and I would find it difficult to turn back to an older version. Congratulations.

  18. ibarskiy says:


    Question.  One of the biggest PITA issues for me was the way it handled handwriting when tying to "rewrite" hastily taken in class notes at a later date. I would insert white space and then retype some portions, but the problem was that the insert operation would shift some portions of the handwriting and not others, often ruining charts and superimposing some text over a portion of another and making both illegible.  Further, it was praticalyl un-undoable once it got messed up, and sometimes it was difficult to notice that it had, as it could be occuring way down the page.

    Have there been any improvements in OneNote 10 on this front?

    Thanks in advance,


  19. moroccomole says:

    So far, I love onenote 2010. The improvements are great, the interface is much better. Trouble is, there are almost no pen settings or options at all. How do I switch it from drawings to text like I did before in 2007? Oh, and… hardcore bug with it not doing well with a pressure sensitive pen. I have a wacom digitizer on my tablet and overall it’s good but there are some blatant bugs on it. Pressing and holding to make a lasso selection often results drawing a circle and not making a selection (even though until I let go it looks like I’m making a selection). My biggest beef though is it really starts to struggle with long pages where I’ve written a lot. I get a lot of text clipping, and I mean a LOT. I can usually bring it back by hovering my eraser but that really shouldn’t happen. It’ll also start weirdly dropping text as well in documents where I’ve either written a lot already (as in the above clipping issue) or I’ve printed in a large document and I’m now writing on it. Really it seems like you guys have done a great job bring it visually in line with the rest of office but barely tested it in actual handwritten note taking applications. For instance, it should REALLY be pulling from the handwriting recognition database that win7 develops as it learns your style but it clearly does not. For me, no onenote, no tablet, it’s a killerapp but these little bugs really hurt the experience.

  20. Hypernova says:

    I think someone must think about this already but I can’t find the way to do it even in OneNote 2010 Technical Preview:  Is there a way to "lock" a page/section/notebook?  As a student, more often that not I have to go back and look at my note from previous term, but I don’t want to accidentally mess it up.

    On the tablet topic, I don’t think it’s that bad with ribbon.  If you use it kind of like the InkSeine interface, it’s quite nice.  But it needs more tab and stoke though, so I agree that this area need a lot of work.  Speaking of InkSeine, I think that experimental project is going on quite awhile now.  Do you still don’t think its UI is mature enough for OneNote?

    Finally, I am very excited about new features, especially Windows Live sync and Mobile.  Keep up the good work!

  21. tunghoy says:

    Looks like automatic equations are already working in 2007 (12.0.6316.5000). I discovered this by accident while writing a few equations this morning. Pretty cool.

    One small adjustment would be nice: it recognizes exponents if written in the format of 2^3=. But if I format the 3 as a superscript, OneNote treats the number as 23, w/o the multiplication. It would be great if it recognized the superscript.

  22. ibarskiy says:


    +1 for universal access.  Web Based or Palm Pre specific (sorry, the current crop of WM phones is sorely outclassed by iPhone and Pre.  And possibly Droid.  Maybe WM 7 will correct it, but 6.5 is a patch-job).

  23. Terrys8 says:

    An iPhone application that syncs with Live would be outstanding.

    I use OneNote regularly at work, but have switched to an iPhone after years of going back and forth between Windows Mobile and a Blackberry.

    The other app mentioned here requires a subscription and syncs to a Russian Federation server. Not too secure for a US business.

    Please give us an iPhone app!

  24. CoolHandLuke says:


    When discussing the Universal Access features, the footnote states:  "Note: The above are not yet available in the Tech Preview unfortunately. We’re still finishing some integration work for sync to Windows Live"

    I cannot save/share my OneNote 2010 notebooks to the web.  When I try, it tells me SkyDrive is not available even though I can get to SkyDrive via ie.  I’m left with a very powerful; note taking applcation that I can only use on one computer.  Is this just a beta issue?  If so, is there a tiem frame to integrate these online features into OneNote 2010?

    Thanks in advance.

  25. GordFinlay says:

    Great work on the new OneNote 2010 features. However, one of the things that I was hoping would be included was better basic support for retaining the proper white space between paragraphs when pasting clippings from the web.

    I can paste web clippings into a blank Word document just fine – the resulting document retains the proper spacing between paragraphs.

    But when I copy and paste into a OneNote page, the spacing between paragraphs gets lost. I have to manually insert carriage returns between paragraphs to be able to read the article properly.

    Try copying and pasting a typical article from a news site like and you’ll see what I mean.


  26. roybat says:

    One thisng I would like is incredibly simple. I would like to be able to choose a background color for a single text field. This would make pages so much easier to read where they have many different notes.

  27. kpwang2 says:


    My experience with OneNote 2010 has been largely negative.  I first installed it alongside OneNote 2007, though I only used OneNote 2010 because once OneNote 2010 accesses a notebook, it seems to change something so OneNote 2007 thinks its cache is corrupted.  It crashed nearly every 10 min.  

    So I uninstalled both Offices and did a clean install of Office 2010 Beta.  Stability is much better now, but OneNote 2010 still crashes 2-3 times a day.  I read either on your blog on Dan Escapa’s that this is a known issue for the beta and will be fixed in the RTM release.

    My main gripe about OneNote 2010 is that stylus-drawn ink gets shifted and jumbled around very frequently.  This happened for me in 2007, too, but with 2010, it’s almost guaranteed every page will have some ink jumbled.  Here are some correlations with jumbled ink.  I’m not sure if they cause the ink to be jumbled, but each time it is jumbled one or more of these apply:

    -Clicking the print preview.  Sometimes the ink will look fine, but when I click Print Preview, it seems the ink gets jumbled.  I close Print Preview, and the ink seems to be fine, still.  A minute or two later, it messes up and looks like what it did in Print Preview.

    -Closing and opening OneNote.  This might related to clicking print preview.  Basically, I think there’s a disconnect between where OneNote thinks your ink is and what you actually see.  Sometimes your ink will look fine, but close and re-open OneNote, and it will be jumbled up.  Likewise, the print preview thing is like a glimpse into where OneNote really thinks your ink objects are…it’s like a way to see into the future of the inevitable doom of jumbled ink.

    -Drawing rectangles around writing.  I’m an engineering student, so I do a lot of "boxing your final answer".  These seem very prone to ink-shifting.

    -Long fractions or long underlines.  Again.  I write lots of math-based stuff with my tablet, and i’ve noticed fractions get messed up very easily.  Often the numerator, line, and denominator will all be one top of each other.

    Today was the last straw for me on OneNote 2010.  I had a takehome test due today.  I completed it earlier, but when I was getting ready to print and turn it in, I noticed OneNote 2010 jumbled up the ink in over half of my test.  I had to ask my professor for an extension so I could re-write that part of my test.  This is absolutely unacceptable.  I love all the new features and stuff in OneNote 2010, but main functionality is most important.  I can’t imagine any other features taking precendent over fixing this bug.  There’s no need to worry about leather seats or GPS units in a car that doesn’t even run.  I have promptly converted my notebooks back to 2007  format, uninstalled Office 2010 Beta, and reinstalled Office 2007.  

    Please make sure this problem gets fixed.  I love OneNote, and I think 2007 is a largely successful program, but 2010, for me, is just unusable.  I’m willing to do anything I can to help – I’ve been submitting plenty of feedback through Connect as well as Microsoft Send-A-Smile/Frown.  If there’s anything else I can do, please let me know.  I would love to have a working copy of OneNote 2010.



    PS: I’m (was) running OneNote 2010 on an X61 Thinkpad Tablet, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, 3 GB RAM.  My computer largely runs very smoothly and I’ve had no virus/malware problems that I know of.

  28. jntot says:

    my big question is; will OneNote 2010 use OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) and will MathType work, like with microsoft powerpoint.  Also im using the beta version of office 2010 and i’ve got MathType 6.6 installed, but i can’t get the mathtype add-in to install so that i have a MathType tab in the ribbon.  Is there a new word 2010 add-in that i haven’t for some reason, or is this a glitch?

    Thanks so much, and keep up the great work

  29. bbingham says:

    We just upgraded to OneNote 2007 from 2003. We are a trial law firm and have had great success using 2003 as our trial notebook.  With 2007, however, we are running into a problem, and I am convinced it is because we are missing something.

    In 2003, we would typically drag and drop a document onto a OneNote page. This would put the document in the OneNote directory and insert a "<file:…..>" link on that page. We could, for example, put all of our trial exhibits in numerical order. Each exhibit number would be followed by a description and then the link. For example:

    Ex. 1 Police report <file:police report.pdf>

    Ex. 2 Witness statement <file:witness statement.doc>

    And so forth.

    The process was easy because a paralegal could simply drag and drop the document onto the appropriate OneNote page and the link would be created in this fashion.

    With 2007, it does not create the link but instead puts a big icon for the document. This icon consumes a lot of desktop real estate and does not lend itself to the process described above.  The only "work around" we have been able to find is to manually copy the document into the OneNote directory and then manually type the "<file. . .. .>" link onto the proper OneNote page. With hundreds – sometimes thousands – of documents, this is impractical.

    What am I missing? Surely there is a way to drag-and-drop a file and have the "<file:. . . >" link appear rather than the large icon.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  30. David,

    What plans do you have to allowing to write through the API to a OneNote that is stored in the cloud ?

  31. John says:

    Hello David!

    May I ask you something about OneNote that I was hoping you might give me an answer to (or at least point me in the right direction)?

    I have been searching for a program like this for long now, because I have very specific requirements. I am now starting the incredibly big work of putting all my handwritten recipes and ideas into digital form.

    I think OneNote would be absolutety perfect for my needs (before this I was thinking an Access database with a "notebook" template or a completely stand-alone program tied to a database) and I feel pretty convinced that OneNote would be the best.

    The ONLY thing that worries me is – how can I secure my information for the future. Probably the program OneNote won't be around for a 100 years. How can I export and then import the database of OneNote into another database in the future when MS stops developing OneNote? What database is OneNote built on? Possibilities to export the database "raw" into any other database form?

    Is there anything I should do already before starting this long work of writing everything, so as to make things easier for future data migration? Input the data according to a certain method or something?

    (I wouldn't want to end up with thousands of recipes on one long .pdf document….)

    Thanks for any help!

    Regards, John


  32. Rich Hill says:

    One big thing with me is being able to access the Win 7 Contacts list for Onenote envelopes and labels.

    Rich Hill

  33. xiaoping says:

    is there a way to freeze the heading of a page so that as you scroll you can access the citation in the heading

  34. Karen says:

    Can I please ask for help? I installed office 2010 home and student on my windows 7 (64-bit) computer, but I can't seem to find a "Send to OneNote" option when I try to print things. Did I forget to activate something during my installation?

    Thank you for your help!

  35. Bob O says:

    iPhone and iPad support would be appreciated

  36. Jarrad says:

    Hay all.. just curious, I use onenote 2010 for university and i was wondering if there was a way to make print out inserts instantly background images, I have a tablet pc and like to write on them, and print them out at a later date. Also curious if there is away to select area to be print.. as in print current view. Microsoft would do good either building addons to do so or implementing these features!

  37. Bo says:

    Onenote is a wonderful product, only 3 things missing: iphone support, iphone support, iphone support.

    cheers, Bo

  38. Humphrey says:

    Please add iPhone app Support!! 🙂

  39. Karen says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE can you have OneNote catch up wtih the rest of the office suite?  In 2007 it was the only one that didn't get a ribbon.  In 2010 it's the only one that I use that won't work with MathType and it's the one I use most often.  PLEASE fix this … *puppy-dog eyes*

    Also, OneNote 2010 crashes every time I drag and drop certain characters from MathType into OneNote where 2007 did not.  Please can we fix this?

    Please talk to me via email if you need more info or have more info for me.

  40. Brian says:

    Please add iphone support sometime this century please!!  I purchased Office specifically so that I could share onenote on the cloud in a cleverer way than mobilenoter.  But hey presto onenote web app will not open on the iphone.  Seriously dissappointed!

  41. iran-joopaari says:

    با سلام من از ایران این پیام رو می فرستم.

    می خواستم بپرسم چطوری می تونم  مجموعه ای از آموزشهای به روز شما در مورد  نرم افزار oneneto اطلاعات دقیقی بدست بیاورم



    Hi I send my message to Iran.

    I wanted to ask how can I update a set of tutorials on software you oneneto get a precise information


  42. KP says:

    And finally its here the most wanted app on iphone…

    Thanks a lot!!

    where is search button guys ? don't expect me to go over last 5 years notes ?

    where is voice note and Pen ?


  43. KP says:

    And finally its here the most wanted app on iphone…

    Thanks a lot!!

    where is search button guys ? don't expect me to go over last 5 years notes ?

    where is voice note and Pen ?


  44. Anne says:

    Will there be a mindmapping tool soon, I know you can use the drawing tools, but it would be nice to have not only drawing tools, but mindmapping tools too.

  45. Kathryn Madsen says:

    This all looks great but until I can see snippets (as in Evernote) and I can have an android phone app. I won't be switching back from Evernote.

  46. Kevin Yang says:

    can u get this 'live sharing session' feature back?? if you guys think the share notebook feature is better, u can keep it too. what most users want is just simple real-time live share without any extra server.

  47. John says:

    Hi David

    Your blog is fantastic and contains a good deal about OneNote. I do have a question regarding OneNote's text editor options that I'm sure you have the answer to.

    I work with C# and T-SQL and when I paste into MS Word, it retains the formatting as it was in Visual Studio (same font, colors and so on).

    How do I get OneNote's editor to match these formats as well? I usually have to copy it from Visual Studio, paste into Word, copy it from Word, and then paste it back into OneNote to retain the original formatting.

    Any advice would be much appreciated! Please note that I've sent you an email as well, but I've added a comment here for anyone else who might be interested in this question.



  48. Bud says:

    I am not familiar with Onenote except that it requires me to change my default printer every time I try to print a doc. I can't find any help to disable it.

  49. Manfred says:

    MS Onenote Mobile as part of Office Mobile as part of the new MS Myphone software: Reportedly the Mobile version of Onenote has restricted functions compared to Onenote Office on the big PC. Can I make handwriting notices or drawings with a pencil on the display with MS Onenote M o b i l e?

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