Mind Manager meets OneNote

We've met a number of users who use MindManager for mind maps. It's still a small niche of people, but they tend to be creative and enthusiastic visual thinkers, who are enthusiastic about OneNote too. They often wish for a better connection between OneNote and MindManager. Well our friends over at Mindjet have delivered a cool tool to do just that. The OneNote 2007 + MindManager tool provides three functions:

  • OneNote 2007 Send To MindManager

  • OneNote Hyperlinks in MindManager

  • OneNote Notebook Hierarchy Mapping

In their own words, you can:

  • From MindManager, easily map out the OneNote Notebooks, Sections, and Pages, including hyperlinks to the notebooks, sections, and pages:

  • From MindManager, send the current map to OneNote as an image that you can sketch on and annotate:

  • From OneNote, send a page to MindManager as a hyperlinked topic:

There are some screenshots on the site that give you a better idea of what it does. And you can download it for free to try it out if you have MindManager.

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  1. ArnoldVilleneuve says:


    I use One Note. It’s a great productivity tool for keeping a lot of balls in the air. I also use MindManager and the Mindsystems ThemeReader. They all make a great combination. I’ll sometimes create multiple mind maps for the same project, one from my One Notes notes and several others from the related documents I am working on for a given project. MindManager pulls everything together nicely.

    Instantly create thematic mind maps of any document or ebook!

    MS Word 2007 Add In allows you to create instant MindManager mind maps of your documents based on its thematic content. Themes are represented as Topic Nodes in the mind map. It also produces a Synopsis and Detailed Summary of the document, and allows you to locate every paragraph that contains that theme.

    Our partner Mindsystems has released the second and Business Edition of ThemeReader for $100 US. It’s a great product and incorporates Cirilab’s Knowledge Generation Engine technology, and works with XP, Vista, Word 2003 and 2007, WordPerfect X3, and the new MindManager 7. Free Trial. Give it a try!


    Word MindManager ThemeReader = Productivity Improvement

    Arnold Villeneuve

    Vice President



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