OneNote 2007 and Groove

Many people have wondered how OneNote 2007 and Groove work together (or not). Your experience will depend on whether you're using a Groove Workspace or a Groove Folder Share. Here's a brief summary. I'll write more later, but suffice it to say we're aware of the limitations and have grand plans for dramatic improvements in the future...

OneNote experience with Groove Workspaces will be limited / problematic

  • Groove Workspaces will work for individual OneNote section files sort of like a Word doc would, with all the associated potential for conflicts.

  • Groove Workspaces will not work very well with OneNote notebooks, because OneNote notebooks are folders and require us to open the folder. Groove Workspaces aren’t exposed that way. When you open a document in a Groove Workspace, Groove copies it from their store (hidden and not something we can directly access) out to the temp directory and calls the app to open it from there. Consequently we only see one file (the section file) at a time in the temp directory.

OneNote experience with Groove Shared Folders will be much better but still have conflict issues

  • Groove Shared Folders will work better for OneNote notebooks. These function much more like regular windows shared folders. OneNote can see all the files in it at once, you can open the folder as a notebook in OneNote. And basically OneNote notebooks will work there.

  • However, you will still have conflicts if two people edit the same section at the same time (and you’ll end up with two copies of the section file), because Groove disintermediates OneNote's ability to do merge.

Basically Groove works okay for single file document model (but still has conflicts) but it can be quite problematic for data that is represented by sets of files. OneNote Notebooks are an example, Front Page webs would be another example (although obviously less frequent).

Given the time remaining from the point at which Microsoft acquired Groove until the release of OneNote 2007 and Groove 2007 we were unable to do more to make this better in this release because it requires some architecture changes. But it's high on our list to make much better in the next release.

    Comments (5)

    1. bud00 says:

      Your last paragraph surprises me.  Microsoft acquired Groove in March 2005.  OneNote 2007 is due out December 2006.  That’s 19 months – are you saying the products couldn’t be better integrated over that period of time?

    2. DavidRas says:

      It does seem that way doesn’t it. However, Groove acquisition was announce March then it took a couple of months for the team to become integrated, and for us to discuss integration issues/options specific to OneNote (they had a lot to deal with being absorbed into Microsoft). And also our last few months before RTM are basically bug fixing and stabilization. So that leaves us with actually something like 12 months or less to do something. By that stage we were already 2 years into design and implementation for OneNote 2007. Given what needs to happen to make this combined experience truly seamless has to happen at a fairly deep architectural level that was definitely too much change for both apps at the point they were already 2/3 into their release. There is a great opportunity here though, and we’ve been discussing the great things we can do together for the next release (after 2007) for some time now.

    3. sannote says:

      1) Is there any way to use a notebook in a computer withoiut Onenote installed. at my work, they dont let me install office 2007 even th I am a local admin. and also public computers wich dont have Onenote installed?

      2) Also if I have sharepoint site but dont know how to make use of storing onenotes in that site, Can I view them in browser if I upload my note into it,? Hosting co have no clue,

        oiappreciate your response. Thks

    4. Xzar says:

      1) No, you need OneNote to open OneNote files : exept if you create PDF or .doc files.

      2) No, as said before, you need OneNote to open it. But now, there’s a add-on(not from microsoft) that permit you to create web pages from OneNote NoteBook. But Still, you need to do manually the save and upload.

    5. DavidRas says:

      The add-on that enables you to publish Web views of OneNote notebooks is available at . It’s what we call a PowerToy. It was created by someone on my team in their spare time. It’s not a supported product, but something that many users may get value from.

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