OneNote Mac – a parody song

Well it’s been a very long time since I’ve written on my personal blog here as I’ve moved to other channels to communicate. But this one is a fun personal one from the OneNote team. One of the privileges of working on OneNote is working with a bunch of fun, creative folks. It makes it such…


OneNote 2007 Print Driver – 64 bit XPS2OneNote print driver updated

I wrote previously about a solution for printing to OneNote 2007 on 64 bit OSes that I created called XPS2OneNote. I just released an update to that solution that: Fixes a number of issues some people had on Windows 7 64 bit. Enables the option to print to a single page, or print each page…


OneNote 2010 – What’s New For You

Yesterday was a very exciting day for everyone on the OneNote team. We have been designing, developing and testing the OneNote 2010 release for quite some time now. We’ve been using it ourselves every day for well over a year. It has already dramatically changed the way we and many other teams and individuals at…


OneNote 2010 will be available in more places and more ways

Last year at the PDC we gave you a very small taste of what’s in store in the next version of OneNote. With OneNote 2010, you will get full web access to your OneNote notebooks and enhanced sharing capabilities that will make it the easiest way to capture all your information and have it easily…


OneNote Print Driver – A 64 Bit Solution

UPDATED: I have released an updated solution that fixes the issues some people had on 64 bit Windows 7. It also enables optional printing to single page or separate sub pages. More details here. _______ Short version: I have a solution for those of you needing a 64 bit OS solution for printing to OneNote….


OneNote 64 bit print driver

__ UPDATE: Please see my recent post on a solution for Printing to OneNote on 64 bit OSes.     __ We’ve been getting quite a few questions and concerns about the "Print to OneNote" print driver that comes with OneNote 2007 not being supported on 64 bit OSes. I just wrote the following in…


OneNote 2007 SP1 – Can’t Create notebooks On Some Servers

Sorry. We broke your OneNote. In mid December Office 2007 SP1 was released on Microsoft Update. It contains lots of good improvements and a few for OneNote. However, it turns out we also broke something with one of the fixes. You can’t create notebooks on a Windows file share that is also running WebDAV. This…


OneNote Shared Notebooks – Options and Troubleshooting – Part 2: Notebooks On SharePoint

Continuing from my previous post about OneNote Shared Notebooks on Windows File Shares, this one will focus on OneNote shared notebooks on SharePoint servers. The advantages, disadvantages, and troubleshooting tips.   Notebooks on SharePoint Servers Overview SharePoint is a great team repository,  a place to share documents, lists, calendars, and so on. You can access…


OneNote Shared Notebooks – Options and Troubleshooting – Part 1: Windows File Shares

Shared notebooks are a key feature of OneNote that have been described as "near magic". They allow you to share notes across machines with yourself, or with a team of people. OneNote lets multiple users write in the same notebook, even on the same page at the same time and it just takes care of…


Syncing OneNote to Sharepoint – Access Denied and Automatically Detect Settings

If you have a OneNote notebook on SharePoint you may have seen something like the following errors at some time: An ‘infobar’ appears at the top of the page in OneNote saying you don’t have permission to sync to that section file You may have failed to create a new notebook on that SharePoint location…