Acrobat is Getting a Sandbox

We've been helping Adobe to get a sandbox going which is similar to what we used in Office 2010 for Protected View. Their blog post about it is Introducing Adobe Reader Protected Mode. I'm excited that the sandboxing approaches that we've pioneered in Office, starting with a sandbox for our search subsystem, the MOICE sandbox, and finally Protected View is going to be useful in helping protect the customers we have in common with our partners.

It's been interesting working with Adobe – Office and Adobe compete on many fronts, but we put all that aside when it comes to helping protect customers from security issues.

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  1. Audun Nordal says:

    Great job, David.  Great to see that this is getting adopted outside MS.  It's going to be interesting to see the attackers' response.

    [dcl] It's a never-ending game of chess, but it's always nice to sock it to the bad guys. I'm sure they'll start figuring out ways to evade sandboxes, just like I'm figuring out ways to make them better and more effective.

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