Before We Had MSRC

Just ran into a post by Gene Schultz – – I first ran into Gene when I worked back at ISS – interesting guy. I think we share some of the same concerns about the security of moving things into the cloud – in many ways, web apps are just harder to really secure…


Office 2007 SP2 Encryption Settings

Now that we’ve actually shipped SP2, some of you may be curious about how to use the shiny new encryption. Here’s the registry settings: Registry keys Base keys (also corresponding Policy keys) HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\<appname>\Security\Crypto     Name Type Default Description CompatMode DWORD 0 Controls encrypted database compatibility: 0 – Legacy format for new files 1 -…


Legacy RC4 Example on Codeplex

Just a quick note on this – a customer had a question about the old RC4 40-bit encryption yesterday, and this prodded me into taking some memory dumps of intermediate steps and figuring out where my own example code wasn’t working. Fortunately, it wasn’t really a problem with the documentation – I’d just made a…


MS-Offcrypto Example Update

Just a quick note that I’ve updated the examples. I added an example for the CAPI RC4 encryption that does work. Along the way, I got smarter about managed C++ and C# interop, which turned out to be a bit of an adventure. I didn’t find the documentation on MSDN exceptionally helpful in this area….

MS-Offcrypto Examples

In response to some questions I’ve gotten about details of MS-OFFCRYPTO, I’ve created a CodePlex project to contain sample code demonstrating the documentation. You can find it at I had originally wanted to include sample code in MS-OFFCRYPTO itself, but we couldn’t do that. Instead, we can put sample code on CodePlex. To keep…