Blog Comment Spam is Really, Really, Really Annoying

I keep getting spam from some bunch of (expletives deleted) as comments to the blog. It's all:




With some bogus URL they're trying to get people to click on, from weird psuedo-Greek names mostly ending in 'os'. They end up in my possible spam folder, and I delete them all, but I can only delete a few at a time, and if they build up for weeks, it takes a while to get them to go away.

In response to this, I've just set the blog to only allow non-anonymous comments. Hopefully, this will solve my spam problem. If it causes you problems, please send me mail and I'll think about changing it.

Comments (2)

  1. Skywing says:

    Ah, too bad you’re not using WordPress; Akismet is great for severely cutting down on the comment spam I see.  Still get a couple per week that slip through, but those get held in moderation anyway, and at a few per week it’s definitely managable.

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