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Microsoft Band “On the Run”

For the last 6 months or so, since the first version of the Microsoft Band shipped, Peter Daukintis and I have been experimenting with it from a developer perspective, in the form of an open source project we have called “Band on the Run” (not to be mistaken for the seminal pop album) . We have presented on it at a number of events, including Future Decoded last year in London, where I got to do all the hard work on stage to get my heart rate to go up! 


The project has also had some press coverage, such as this ‘SuperSite for Windows’ article.

The project comprises two key elements:

  • A Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app for Windows 10 that connects to the Microsoft Band and displays key information, such as heart rate
  • A Microsoft Azure program that collects the telemetry from the UWP app and logs, processes and charts the data

As we continue to develop and evolve it, I will blog more about the Microsoft Azure implementation side of it, whilst Pete will continue blogging about the UWP app.

So, why not download the project from github and check it out? And if you don’t have a band, why not use Pete’s “fake band” project to simulate the real thing.

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