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Choosing the right Azure IoT Hub Edition

For our Band on the Run IoT project for the Microsoft Band, we use Azure IoT Hub as the ingestion point to push all the band telemetry up to Azure for processing. If you have not come across it before, Azure IoT Hub is a fully managed service that enables reliable and secure bidirectional communications… Read more

Microsoft Band on the Run – the architecture

Hot on the heels of our session at the Wearable technology Show 2016 #wts2016, we decided to sort out the “Microsoft Band on the Run” documentation, and have started with a high level diagram that shows how the various moving bits fit together:   The UWP app connects via bluetooth,using the Microsoft Band SDK, to… Read more

Moving to Azure IoT Hub

When Pete and I started building our “Band on the Run” project, we used Azure Event Hubs as the ingestion point for all the Microsoft Band telemetry. It’s a highly scalable ingress service that can handle millions of events per second, into which its easy to plug downstream components to process and store that data,… Read more

Microsoft Band “On the Run”

For the last 6 months or so, since the first version of the Microsoft Band shipped, Peter Daukintis and I have been experimenting with it from a developer perspective, in the form of an open source project we have called “Band on the Run” (not to be mistaken for the seminal pop album) . We… Read more

David Gristwood – latest bio

Time to update my bio: David Gristwood works as technical evangelist at Microsoft in the UK where he has spent his time helping developers and technical folk understand and get the best from the Microsoft platform. He works as architect with deep technical skills in Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft cloud platform, primarily working with… Read more