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How Windows Azure helps us weather mad Brits know even more about the weather!

We Brits love to talk about the weather. So,  how handy, that as part of the Coalition Government data transparency plans, they publish data from all 150 weather stations and 5,000 forecast sites in the UK. Since launching the data feed, the Met Office datasets have seen a steady increase in the number of data subscriptions – currently registering at a huge 555,000 transactions per month, on average. And the publish which countries are most interested in the data, and yes, the UK is the biggest user, but surprisingly, the US is not far behind:



Microsoft has been supporting the UK Government Transparency Agenda through data.gov.uk, with the hourly Met Office weather opendata feed hosted by Windows Azure Datamarket in the cloud, and this weather data features a staggering 250m rows of data per hour, on average.

Read more about how this has been done, and how you can access this data at Microsoft UK Government Blog