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“Orleans”, Windows Azure and Halo 4

My colleagues Hoop Somuah  and Sergey Bykov have released a new video, first shown in one of the keynotes at //build/ a few weeks back, that describes “Orleans”, a high performance framework for cloud computing, that runs on Windows Azure. Rather than me try to describe “Orleans”, why not watch this great two minute video… Read more

Cloud + Apps Gaming – what’s it all about?

Windows Azure as a Cloud Gaming Platform – half day technical briefing, Monday 1st July, 2pm, London This half day technical briefing is designed for developers, designers and architects in the games industry to help you explore the Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform, and discover how it can be used as a powerful and flexible cloud… Read more

Interested in exploring how Windows Azure and cloud computing could be used in designing and developing computer games?

If so, why not visit one of our technical briefings? These one day technical briefings on the Windows Azure Platform are designed to help games companies explore the opportunities presented by Windows Azure as a rich, extensible, scalable, resilient and geo-replicated games platform. The briefings will help games companies understand the Windows Azure Platform and… Read more

The Big Data Hackathon – April 13&14, 2013 – London

The Big Data Hackathon takes places at the Hub Westminster, 80 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4TE, on the weekend of the 13th and 14th of April, 2013. Why not take part and assemble a team with your colleagues to compete in one of challenges: Data Science Challenge: The challenge will be on Preference learning – Predict… Read more

Great article – Inside Windows Azure SQL Database

Our team still get lots of questions from customers and partners about “SQL Azure” (aka “Windows Azure SQL Database”) and how it differs from the on-premise versions of SQL Server that they are used to managing and configuring.  TechNet has an excellent article “Inside Windows Azure SQL Database” that is well worth reading if you… Read more