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Microsoft Media Platform Summit, 5th September 2012, Amsterdam



Video delivery is consuming an ever larger percentage internet traffic, from user generated content to streaming movies, end user consumption appears to have no bounds. But delivering high-quality video to multiple devices, monetizing it and protecting your investments in producing it is not easy. Come and hear how Microsoft’s technologies can help you prepare, stream and protect content to multiple devices and how you can develop rich media applications for Windows 8.

Summit Goals

The Media Summit will be delivered by our Redmond based Media Experts and Product team members to help you understand three things:

  1. Microsoft’s end-end vision for media delivery, client technologies, streaming protocols and media partner eco-system.
  2. How to produce engaging media applications on Windows 8.
  3. How Microsoft’s cloud based media platform allows you to stream live and on demand content to Windows, iOS and Android.

Your team will leave the summit with an understanding of how to develop a comprehensive video delivery strategy that will meet your needs both today and well into the future.

Who Should Attend?

If you influence the online media strategy for your company in either a business or technical role, and are keen to understand how Microsoft technologies can help you simplify this process then you should attend this session.

This is an invite only event – if you would like to attend, please email ukdev@microsoft.com to register your interest.