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Azure, Azure, Azure

Shoothill’s “FloodAlerts” on Facebook has been selected as a winner in the Guardian Innovation Nation Awards – and it runs on Windows Azure


The  Guardian Innovation Nation Awards – Winners – Innovation in enterprise – Shoothill

"With over 5m properties and assets worth £132.2bn in England and Wales at risk from flooding, Shoothill and the Environment Agency (EA) have released the world’s first visual representation of live flood information on Facebook – FloodAlerts. "FloodAlerts uses data supplied by EA experts and displays pin-point accurate shapes on a BING map represented as different colours depending on the extent and severity of each flood warning (updated every 15 minutes). "Facebook users can register any location they want to monitor and if a relevant alert is issued, they then receive a notification on their Facebook wall and to their email address."

Its a really amazing application, and given some of the recent bad weather we have had here in the UK, well worth checking out:


And for an application that needed to run 24 x 7 and scale to meet the demands that such an application needs to handle, which platform did Shoothill choose? Windows Azure of course!