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More conversations with David Chappell about Windows Azure

It’s always a pleasure to converse with my old friend and colleague, David Chappell (www.davidchappell.com), this time in London during his world tour where he has been talking about cloud computing, Windows Azure and its impact on developers. In this interview, I get the chance to discuss these themes – what it means for software… Read more

Windows Azure Open Platform Services (OSS) Summit – Paris, France – Dec 4, 2012

Learn more about how Windows Azure has helped companies realize the true value of the cloud.  Windows Azure supports multiple development platforms, languages, and tools providing first-class choice beyond .NET for developers and enterprises. Register for our Open Services Summit to learn how you can take advantage of an open, flexible, rock solid platform. Windows… Read more

Windows Azure Media Services Lab, Nov 20th – 22nd 2012, Reading – Open for invites

  Windows Azure Media Services in an exciting new platform that offers the flexibility, scalability and reliability of a cloud platform to handle high quality media experiences for a global audience. Media Services includes cloud-based versions of many existing technologies from the Microsoft Media Platform and our media partners, including ingest, encoding, format conversion, content… Read more

Microsoft Media Platform Summit, 5th September 2012, Amsterdam

  Video delivery is consuming an ever larger percentage internet traffic, from user generated content to streaming movies, end user consumption appears to have no bounds. But delivering high-quality video to multiple devices, monetizing it and protecting your investments in producing it is not easy. Come and hear how Microsoft’s technologies can help you prepare,… Read more

MLS Using Windows Azure in Education

MLS is the largest supplier of library automation software to schools and colleges in the UK, and their software is key to helping drive up literacy rates by proving engaging software that is fun to use and helps captures a child’s imagination.   Check out the short video to discover why they have moved the… Read more

Its miiCard, and its on Windows Azure

I have know James Varga for several years, and he has been involved in some incredibly interesting projects, and this latest one, running on the Windows Azure platform, is fascinating. miiCard is an “Identity as a Service” – it is a provider that proves your real identity, that you are who you say you are,… Read more

Shoothill’s “FloodAlerts” on Facebook has been selected as a winner in the Guardian Innovation Nation Awards – and it runs on Windows Azure

The  Guardian Innovation Nation Awards – Winners – Innovation in enterprise – Shoothill "With over 5m properties and assets worth £132.2bn in England and Wales at risk from flooding, Shoothill and the Environment Agency (EA) have released the world’s first visual representation of live flood information on Facebook – FloodAlerts. "FloodAlerts uses data supplied by… Read more

“Free: The Economics of Abundance and Why Zero Pricing Is Changing the Face of Business”

One of the best books I have read recently is “Free: The Economics of Abundance and Why Zero Pricing Is Changing the Face of Business” by Chris Anderson. Whilst it is not, per se, about the cloud, but about innovation and economics, many discussions I have had about Windows Azure and cloud computing around the… Read more

Catch up with our team at the UK Windows Azure Conference on the 22nd June, 2012 in London

Put 22nd June in your diary if you are interested in Windows Azure, and if you want to hear the latest about the Windows Azure roadmap, and meet other developers who share an interest in the cloud. The day kicks off with a keynote address from Scott Guthrie, Microsoft Corporate Vice President in charge of… Read more

Real World Windows Azure: LinkFresh Cloud QA – An application that helps businesses deliver safe, fresh, high quality food

One of the best things about my work with Windows Azure is when a system actually goes live, so our team are going to be doing more blogs about people building on the Windows Azure platform, so you can what sorts of applications they built, why the chose the cloud and Windows Azure, and what… Read more