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An interesting Windows Azure architectural discussion – synchronizing multiple nodes

One of the interesting architectural discussions that comes up when designing highly scalable systems, such as those that run on Windows Azure, is how to co-ordinate multiple “nodes” so that they use use unique keys within an application or system. It sounds a fairly trivial task, but as with lots of engineering issues, when you… Read more

The many ages of mobile application development

It’s great to see one of the partners I have worked with, bbits, who developed the excellent Windows Azure application Love Clean Streets, get involved in the discussion around the future of mobile development, in a recent Computer Weekly article, “The many ages of mobile application development”: Ian Blackburn, CEO of bbits, "Developing mobile applications… Read more

Six Weeks of Windows Azure will start on … Monday 23rd January 2012

A few days ago, Eric Nelson and I locked down the dates for www.sixweeksofazure.co.uk which is fantastic news. We also confirmed that our core set of webinars and online surgeries will happen on the Monday and Wednesday of each week – with additional activities happening on other days which we will announce nearer the start…. Read more

Registration for Windows Azure BizSpark Camp, Friday 30th September, London, Now open….

Our team are hosting another Windows Azure BizSpark Camp in London, on Friday 30th September, 2011. So, if you are a start-up and you have been wondering about Windows Azure, or more generally about your cloud strategy, why not come along for the day, hear about other start-ups that have built their business on Windows… Read more

So, Who Else Is Using Windows Azure…?

If you are in the process of evaluating the Windows Azure platform, one of the questions you are may be asking yourself is, who else is using Windows Azure? Our Developer and Platform Group within Microsoft here in the UK has been working closely with a number of early adopters, many of whom are now… Read more

Leading Case Management Vendor, Singularity, Announces Success on Microsoft Windows Azure Platform

Our team do all our work with partners who are the early movers, those who see the cloud, and in particular, Windows Azure, as a great opportunity to reduce costs, create new ideas or take existing products to new levels of functionality. As part of that work, we often help them build a “proof of… Read more

Autoscaling Windows Azure Applications

The whole area of autoscaling Windows Azure applications comes up as a regular topic in discussions about the platform, mainly because there isn’t an “out the box” solution for it. This is for a number of factors, not least of which is the fact that we charge for roles by the hour, so we don’t… Read more

Businesses running on Windows Azure–TechDays 2011

The Windows Azure Platform went live in January 2010 which means that in the UK we already have some great examples of solving real business problems elegantly through the use of cloud computing. At TechDays in May, I introduced on stage four partners who had each developed on the Windows Azure platform. They talked very… Read more