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Latest Windows Azure Briefing

On Monday our team held a Windows Azure briefing to partners. My slides are now on-line here Understanding the Windows Azure Platform – Dec 2010 View more presentations from DavidGristwood. Eric Nelson has also done an excellent job of providing some useful links for some of the topics covered during the session on his blog… Read more

Windows Azure learnings – Mydeo’s 2 Week Proof of Concept

Another video about Microsoft partners using Windows Azure, this time with Mydeo (http://www.mydeo.com//) at the end of an intense 2 week Windows Azure “Proof of Concept” activity at our Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in the UK. In the video they talk about their motivation for looking at Windows Azure, the architecture thy came up with,… Read more

F# (and Windows Azure)

One of the great strengths of .NET is its language neutrality –whilst I may be a C# programmer, because my background is C and C++, there are lots of developers who favour other programming languages. One language that has caught a lot of attention recently is F#, so I went down to Microsoft Research in… Read more

Free One Day Windows Azure Briefings for Microsoft Partners – “Second Monday of Every Month"

These briefings are designed for Business decision makers, CTOs, senior architects and system designers, and will cover Cloud Computing, and in particular, the Windows Azure platform. The sessions are designed to help ISVs and SIs understand the opportunities the Windows Azure Platform offers, how it is being used, discuss how they can move forward, and… Read more

Windows Azure Accelerated 2 Day Training Workshop, London 2010 / 2011 – £100

Although there is a lot of on-line material for Windows Azure, there are times when you can’t beat the traditional instructor led training.  We are pleased to announce this two-day intensive instructor-led workshop, which provides delegates with an early opportunity to gain insight into the nature and benefits of the Windows Azure Platform. Delivered through… Read more

Windows Azure 2 Week Accelerated Virtual Training Workshop

Earlier this year, Eric Nelson and I ran a virtual course “6 Weeks of Windows Azure”. The format, a mixture of Live Meetings and coursework  proved so popular that it has been re-run in other parts of the world, and an evolution of it, a two week version, is being run again this October, here… Read more

Windows Azure Platform Appliance

One of the questions that crops up on a regular basis when discussing the Windows Azure platform is around the idea of folk either running Windows Azure in their own hosting center, or having the machines running Windows Azure physically reside in a certain location – typically in their own country (as opposed to Dublin,… Read more

Windows Azure Platform: Articles from the Trenches Volume 1

Eric has just published his new ebook “Windows Azure Platform: Articles from the Trenches Volume 1” : Developers have been exploring the possibilities opened up by the Windows Azure Platform for Cloud Computing. This book pulls together great articles from many of those developers who have been active with the Windows Azure Platform to hopefully… Read more