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Meet the Azure team at PDC09

I took my video camera to the PDC to meet some of the Azure team who are responsible for building Azure and deciding the features make it into the product set


This video is a great chance to hear some of the team talk about their areas of focus across Azure, including:

-          The Azure developer experience

-          What the Azure fabric controller is and how it works

-          What the new Codename “Dallas” project is about

-          The newly announced Appfabric and how it relates to .NET Services

-          The role of the newly released Windows Identity Foundation

And last, but by no means least, take a tour round one of the new Azure storage containers that was on display at the show.

(There is a bit of background noise in some of the interviews, but that’s the buzz from all the folk attending the PDC, but we hope it doesn’t detract from the video interviews).