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My First Visit to MiniBar London

On Friday night I attended my first ever London MiniBar meeting. It was great fun, I met lots of interesting folk, and had some very great pro and anti Microsoft conversations after my presentation about Windows Azure.

IMG_4097 IMG_4102

IMG_4104 IMG_4105

The website sums up the event nicely:

Your Monthly Face To Face. You think about creating the next Last.fm, flickr, or Web 2.0 start up? You think London lacks opportunities to meet up and discuss those ideas? Then come to MiniBar. MiniBar is a social evening in Shoreditch, which offers people a chance to snaffle some free beer while discussing p2p, web applications, start ups, social networking and general Web 2.0 mayhem & fandango.

I urge you join and come along to a future meeting . . .