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Only 1 Week To TechEd Developer in Barcelona

Time flies. I have just realised that next week it’s that most glamorous and glitzy European developer event of the year – TechEd. I’ll be there – I am responsible for the Office and Unified Communications tracks, and I can promise you we have some great sessions and speakers lined up, so I hope to … Read more

My Recent UK MSDN Flash Newsletter: "Office Business Applications – The Developer Story"

Every now and then I pen a few words for the most excellent fortnightly (=biweekly) UK MSDN Flash Newsletter. Given I have been spending a lot of time recently talking to developers and architects about building on Office as a platform, I thought the MSDN Flash Newsletter would be the way to spread the word…. Read more

A Bit Of Fun With Office Add-Ins

One evening, in a pub, having a well earned pint with Michael McClary after one of our Microsoft events, I had a brilliant idea – why not write a Microsoft Word add-in that randomly added management “buzzword bingo” phrases into a document or email. It would be kind of fun, especially in light of some… Read more