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Your Open XML Solution Could Win You an Xbox™ 360

Over the last year I’ve hosted a number of events to Microsoft partners about Open XML, so it’s great to see that, here in the UK, a number of Microsoft Gold and Certified Partners have already taken the opportunity to profile their great work on the Office System Solution Directory. If, as a Microsoft Partner,… Read more

SharePoint Books

There are two books that I am currently recommending to developers who want to know more about SharePoint, and they are  “Inside Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0“ by Ted Pattison and Daniel Larson, and “Inside Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007” by Patrick Tisseghem.  I’ve read them both and have used some of the demos in… Read more

Virtual Teched 2007

TechEd Developer 2007 in Barcelona may be a distant memory, but we do have Virtual Teched, so if you were there, you can catch up on some of the bits and pieces you may have missed. And if you weren’t there, you can get a taste of what went on. Check out the Fish Bowl… Read more

Only 1 Week To TechEd Developer in Barcelona

Time flies. I have just realised that next week it’s that most glamorous and glitzy European developer event of the year – TechEd. I’ll be there – I am responsible for the Office and Unified Communications tracks, and I can promise you we have some great sessions and speakers lined up, so I hope to … Read more

My Recent UK MSDN Flash Newsletter: "Office Business Applications – The Developer Story"

Every now and then I pen a few words for the most excellent fortnightly (=biweekly) UK MSDN Flash Newsletter. Given I have been spending a lot of time recently talking to developers and architects about building on Office as a platform, I thought the MSDN Flash Newsletter would be the way to spread the word…. Read more

A Bit Of Fun With Office Add-Ins

One evening, in a pub, having a well earned pint with Michael McClary after one of our Microsoft events, I had a brilliant idea – why not write a Microsoft Word add-in that randomly added management “buzzword bingo” phrases into a document or email. It would be kind of fun, especially in light of some… Read more

Presenting at the Office Business Applications (OBA) Architects Council

Yesterday I presented a session at the Office Business Applications (OBA) Architects Council on OBA technologies. My session was all about making people aware of the ways in which they could surface information (typically back from back end line of business systems) inside Office and SharePoint, and what there is in the Microsoft technology stack… Read more

Best QA Job in the World? Hint – Its on Halo 3!

Wired magazine have a great article entitled “Halo 3: How Microsoft Labs Invented a New Science of Play“. If you have played Halo, and are looking forward to the release of Halo 3, then this is a ‘must read’ article. If you work in software development world, its very interesting for another reason – they… Read more

This month I shall Mainly be Reading "Inside Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007"

I’ve recently picked up my copy of “Inside Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007“, and just started reading it. There are not enough books out there in SharePoint and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS), so its great to see a book like this, and even better that its such a good book. I’ve met the author,… Read more