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Announcing the 2007 Microsoft Office System Developers Conference, 21/22 June 2006, London

The registration for the 2007 Microsoft Office System Developers Conference is now open. I’ll be presenting at this event, and as one of the track owners, I can promise you an interesting and enlightening experience, especially if you have never considered Office a serious development platform. This is the third release of Office that has targeted developers, and there is now lot to work with, both client and server side.

Register here: http://www.microsoft.co.uk/Events/registermulti.aspx?event=OfficeDeveloperConference

From the web site:

This two day multi tracked event, aims to introduce the new solution technologies and capabilities in the 2007 Microsoft Office System wave of programs and servers. The Microsoft team will drill into the latest Office innovations to show how developers will be able to build powerful custom solutions. You will learn the latest techniques for creating applications around business intelligence, enterprise content management, collaboration, and more! You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with developers and architects from Microsoft and with other customers and partners from across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

This event is free of charge.