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Performance and Windows Workflow Foundation

The topic of performance has come up a few times with people who have been evaluating WF, so its great to see a white paper on performance has been published. You can read some background to it on Paul Andrew’s blog, or read the paper direct here…. Read more

"Essential Windows Workflow Foundation" Book

When I was at TechEd Developer in Barcelona a few weeks ago, I sat in on a few Windows Workflow Foundation sessions, and the latest book on Workflow “Essential Windows Workflow Foundation” by Dharma Shukla and Bob Schmidt was being touted as the Workflow book. Well,  I finally found a few hours free to read the first few… Read more

Tech·Ed: Developers – The Virtual Side

I’ll be at TechEd: Developers in Barcelona all next week, and if you’re there too, I hope you a great time, and perhaps I can catch up with a few people. I’ll be presenting a session on the first morning, and at the Office “Ask The Experts” area most afternoons. If you can’t make it, no… Read more

A Quick Plug for TechEd Developers, Nov 2006, Barcelona

I just wanted to give a little plug for the upcoming TechEd Developer event in November in Barcelona. If you have attended any of the previous TechEds in Europe, you will know what great events they are – lots of speaker sessions, ask the expert areas, the opportunity to do a little social networking, and… Read more


I’ve been working a fair bit with Office 2007, from a dev perspective, for the last six months, and its great that a lot more articles, videos, etc, have started to appear, which makes the whole process easier to get up and going. This is especially important, as for many developers, Office dev is still… Read more

Getting started with Excel Services

I’ve recently started working with Excel Services, one of the new services in Microsoft Office System Server (MOSS). It’s Excel for the server, and very neat too. Lots of people have been asking for this type of calculation engine, and now that’s its out in beta 2, you can check it out yourself. The easiest… Read more

Office Developer Conference 2006 – it’s more than you think..

Thanks to everyone who attended the Microsoft Office Developer Conference 2006 – all 400 or so off you – we hope you found it useful. Certainly the feedback was great from everyone I spoke too, and there lots of questions and discussions. I certainly enjoyed the preparing and delivering my two sessions on SharePoint, and… Read more

Workflow Serialization – what you need to know about persistence

Jon Flanders’ recent blog on Workflow Serialization came about because of a question I raised on a Microsoft alias about  Workflow’s persistence service, which Jon responded to with this blog entry. I thought was a really simple question, but caused some discussion about what happens under the covers when serialization takes place, so I would… Read more