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Sorry I haven’t been blogging

Oops! I’ve been out and about on the road for so long now, visiting customers and presenting at the Visual Studio & SQL Server & BizTalk Server Launch, that I haven’t had much time to blog. I will make amends, especially in this run up to Xmas, now I am back in the office /… Read more

It’s Launch Time!

The Visual Studio / SQL Server / BizTalk Server launch is happening in a city near you! And by the looks of it, quite a few of you are going, as the technical tracks at a couple of the venues are already sold out! Impressive! I’m doing some of the integration sessions that show off… Read more

ASP.NET 2.0 and Web Parts

One of the coolest features of ASP.NET 2.0 is the ability to create web site that can host “web parts”. This allows you to create sites where the content on the pages can be customized by users themselves. Think of portals sites such as MSN , etc (check out http://my.msn.com/ if you have not seen… Read more

WSE 3.0 and Tech-Ed Europe 2005

I’ve been looking at the recently released Technology Preview of Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 3.0, and I’m quite impressed with it. The reason I’ve been checking it out is I am delivering a presentation at Tech-Ed Europe 2005 next month (5th – 8th July), and I wanted to show a few demos. I’m doing a… Read more

Pssssst! Developers! Want a new motor?

My colleagues here at Microsoft are running a competition that is open to all UK developers, for the next four weeks, with a car as the first prize and some cool runner-up prizes! It looks pretty straight forward – you have to answer questions on smart client technology each week to be eligible for the… Read more

So, should you use web services in your own applications?

A very simple question – should you use web services in your own application? Most professional developers are bought into the idea these days of exposing functionality in their applications via web services, for greater interoperability, but the question often arises, should they use those same web services within their own applications?   As a… Read more