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MSDN Flash – how you can find out what we are doing

In yesterdays post about the forthcoming Microsoft UK Technical Roadshow, I realised, after I posted it, that I should have said that if you want to keep in touch with the other events and activities that Microsoft UK host, we have a bi-weekly MSDN Flash newsletter that contains all the information you need about upcoming events. If you don’t already subscribe to it, click here for more information and to register.


If you want a little more information on the MSDN Flash, check out the blog of one of my esteemed Microsoft colleagues, Tim Sneath. Early this year we launched an all new MSDN Flash newsletter, based on a lot of hard work, taking a long hard look at the existing MSDN Flash newsletter and trying to identify all the things we can do to make it more interesting and relevant to developers. You can even see a sample newsletter on his blog, so you can see what you’re letting yourself in for! In the words of the late (and lamented) Douglas Adams “Share and Enjoy” (and if these words mean nothing, visit http://www.zootle.net/afda/share-and-enjoy.shtml for an unusual aural experience)