Microsoft UK Technical Roadshow – Spring 2004

I will presenting at a couple of the forthcoming UK Microsoft Technical Roadshows (we used to refer to these as MSDN roadshows, but the new events now have an IT Professional and a Security track, alongside the traditional Developer track)


Full information on the event, registration details (the event is free), and agenda, can be found at It does tend to fill up, so "book early".  


The four locations are:

  • Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 April 2004
    Bolton, Reebok Conference Centre

  • Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 May 2004
    Edinburgh, Corn Exchange Building

  • Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 May 2004
    Telford, International Centre

  • Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 June 2004
    London, Hilton Metropole


I’ll be at Edinburgh and Telford (near Birmingham – I had to check on MapPoint Europe 2004, a most excellent product I use all the time), and will be doing the session:


  • Building Data-Driven Websites with ASP.NET


I had better start working on this – it’s a good subject, and alongside the actual presentations, I look forward to meeting and talking with many of you, which is part of why these events are so much fun to be involved with.


By the way, any suggestions as to what I should cover, or any cool demo ideas, appreciated via comments to this blog!

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  1. Hmmphh…can’t go, the MSDN roadshow (which was a total waste of time) last year has poisoned my employers mind against these things…

  2. Johnny Hall says:

    I’m with you on the MSDN roadshow. .NET for the clueless. I walked out after 30 minutes, which, granted, might have meant I was missing something, but I’d read through the slides and there was *nothing* that I didn’t already know, or couldn’t work out for myself.

    These things have to present sophisticated topics for them to be worthwhile.

  3. Gregor Suttie says:

    Hi David

    I would have to say that I think the content is more towards the begginner and there needs to be content geared towards actual developers have taken the time to learn or at least look at the products.

    Lets look at how youd go about a solution based on an already built web app and how you would add webservice which talk to mappoint to do specific tasks – could also mention add in com controls and talk about the new Mappoint location server and how yo could use a gos device to find out where you are using mappoint.

    More sophisticated content with new ideas to keep us sitting there with interest.

    p.s. I’ll be in Edinburgh and would like you to have a mappoint desk tghere so we can query you on topics.


    Gregor Suttie

  4. I have to go along with Gregor and Johnny’s comments (oh, and I’m also in Edinburgh). If the aim of these Roadshows is to promote ASP.NET to large financials as it seemed to be last year (and I guess it probably is) then fair enough. But if you’re aiming to ipmart real knowledge to non-novice developers you really have to increase the complexity of the topics. The Whidbey stuff is nice and all but any semi experienced developer has been reading about that stuff for a fair few months now. There is some interesting stuff there but nothing I can’t get from reading two or three ASP.NET sites.

  5. David Gristwood says:

    It always a tough balance between talking about the new and upcoming stuff versus the existing stuff. Although ASP.NET has been out for some time, there are still a lot of people who are new (or new-ish) to it, and this is the target audience for this event, event though there a few more advanced sessions. If you want the latest and greatest beta stuff, keep your eyes peeled, as we have plenty of cool stuff planned, and be sure to subscribe to the MSDN Flash at for the latest details.

  6. Johnny Hall says:

    I don’t think you should be aiming at developers new to the platform. If you do, then there should be alternative streams.

    VS 2005 is still a little too far away for me to care about, although I’ve got the CTP installed and I’m following along.

    MapPoint would seem to be a little narrow as a topic, to my mind.

    Real-world solutions, is what’s important.

  7. That’s kind of the problem, you guys are doing a lot to promote the ASP.NET platform around the country – cool, that is good news for everyone. Problem is that one you become a little proficient in ASP.NET / .NET generally the support kind of evaporates. Pretty much every .NET event is in Reading / London – the only event you seem to leave the South for are product launches and marketing exercises like the MSDN roadshow. My point is that if you are going to spend what I’m sure is a fair amount putting on these things why not try to keep current developers interested as well as trying to attract new ones.

  8. David Gristwood says:

    a minor date change to the Birmingham date / venue. This list looks like this now:

    Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 April 2004

    Bolton, Reebok Conference Centre

    Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 May 2004

    Edinburgh, Corn Exchange Building

    Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 June 2004

    London, Hilton Metropole

    Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 June 2004

    Birmingham, NEC

  9. I’ve been at the first day of the Microsoft Technical Roadshow 2004 in Edinburgh. In general, it was better than I expected with every session having something that was new to me (even if it was only in presentation techniques).

  10. Mun says:

    Just got back from the first day of the roadshow at the London Hilton Metropole. The content was really aimed at beginners who don’t know anything about .NET already. Would be nice to see some more advanced topics covered.

    The presentation was generally good, and I’m hoping day two will be better 🙂

  11. David Gristwood says:

    the code samples and slides are now up on our web site – I would recommend anyone who attended my session to download the code samples, as it has my PPT session in there as well.

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