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My Bio

Our team at Microsoft has been asked to write up a bio that is a little more personal than the usual formal ones you see at events, so I thought I’d post mine up here now, as I occasionally get asked a little about my background.

Ever since David programmed his first ‘10 ? “hello world” : goto 10‘ program on a PET computer in the late 70s he has been hooked, and has worked with computers ever since. During his career, David has managed to secure a distinction in computing at Newcastle University, worked as a freelance computer journalist, visiting lecturer in computing, director of a software company,  as well has having designed and developed a wide range of software, from warehouse to finance systems, whilst working for a number of ISVs.

 For the last 10 years David has worked at Microsoft, firstly in its fledgling consultant service section, then in EMEA as a technical evangelist (yes, that was his official job title). For the last few years he has been focused totally on the .NET platform, designing and building systems, from smart clients to web applications, though he is very much a “middle tier” person, having been involved with components since the early days of DCOM and MTS.


If he had any free time, he’d have no idea what to do with it. Does watching TV or playing Xbox Live count?