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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

I was a big fan of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy when it first came out (I listened to the radio series, bought the records, watched the TV series, and still own a real Marks & Spencer Hitchhikers towel which has part of the script about Knowing Where Your Towel).  The latest BBC Radio… Read more

Are web services too slow?

I spend a lot of my time with professional developers building systems on .NET,  discussing various architectural and design issues. One of my focuses as the moment is web services, and one of the topics that comes up on a fairly regular basis, when discussing web services, is the issue of speed.   Typically the… Read more

This year I will mostly be doing web services!

These words (in homage to the Fast Show) are by way of saying that I, for the bulk of Microsoft’s current financial year (July 2004 to June 2005), will be focusing on web services. This is a really cool and interesting area, and it’s great to see, when talking to architects and developers and designers,… Read more

Security and developers (and a Microsoft Technical Briefing on 4th October in London)

Somehow I feel the mindset needed for security and for software development don’t naturally go together (which would explain why the industry as a whole has such a problem). The reason is – I think – software development is very much a creative process, a bringing together of ideas and design and algorithms, and making… Read more

Opening The Xbox

I have just finished reading “Opening The Xbox”. A very enjoyable and interesting read, especially if you have an Xbox (if you don’t have an Xbox, get one now – they are great fun). The book traces the roots of the Xbox within Microsoft – the team who first put forward the idea, how the… Read more


The issue of obfuscation and decompiling .NET code comes up on a fairly regular basis, so I thought I’d explore it in some more depth, and try to address some of the common questions that arise.   This is not a new issue or topic – since the first high level compilers existed, people have… Read more

21 Rules of Thumb – How Microsoft develops its Software

I will be presenting a session at TechEd in Amsterdam next week on the subject of software development – “21 Rules of Thumb – How Microsoft develops its Software”. As someone who has been involved with software development for over two decades, the whole area of how you actually bring together a team and get… Read more

Data Binding with ASP.NET

I am presenting the session on Building Data-Driven Websites with ASP.NET (a.k.a. Data Binding and ASP.NET) at the current Microsoft Technical Roadshow we are running in the UK, so I though I would use my blog to provide some additional links and background material for the session.   The good news is there are plenty… Read more