Wish I had this when I was in school

If you have MSN Messenger add: encarta@conversagent.com You can ask all sorts of questions and it will answer you – almost like a live search in an encyclopedia. This is a good example of who you can be very creative at Microsoft and how you can put a few teams together to be really different….


Got a new toy

All right. After a short break I’m back. Things have been a bit strange lately. Personal news is that a a very friend of mine died. Feel like I have to take a minute to remeber Andy. He was a very good person and a great designer and he’ll be sorely missed. I can trace a lot…


Seeing AMD Dual Core TV Glitching

We were internally. That’s where I’ve been the last few weeks (aside from the holiday). I’m helping our sustained engineering team with figuring out issues on Update Rollup 2. So far we’ve solved a bunch of problems and sadly most were not even related to Update Rollup 2 directly. Not your problem, I know, but…