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So by default this blog software doesn't allow anonymous comments. I turned them on. Personally I like to be anonymous sometimes - so I'll extend the same ability.

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  1. mickey mouse says:

    Anonymous comments are wrong. you should have to identify yourself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks !

  3. Joey says:

    Just wondered how much emphasis had moved from the previous update, now to perhaps vista? Are there any plans for further improvements to MCE 2005? Is the MCE environment a primary focus of Vista?

    thanks 😀

  4. Thomas Hawk says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Looking forward to hearing more about Media Center from your blog.

  5. Thomas Hawk says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Looking forward to hearing more about Media Center from your blog.

  6. MSDN Archive says:

    Thanks for all the welcomes. Hopefully I add some value for everyone.

    Per the question about Vista vs. MCE 2005. Right now we don’t have a ton of plans to update 2005. We’re in what I call "sustaining mode." We will make periodic updates, but our big project is Vista.

    MCE in Vista will be a big deal. I personally have very high hopes about the project. I think it is very cool.

  7. Brian Zellinger says:

    Please send me some insider info on the upcoming MCE Vista. I won’t tell anyone.

  8. MSDN Archive says:


    I liike my job too much. 🙂

    Reminds me of a post I wanted to do though…stay tuned.

  9. mrl72 says:

    David – If development of MCE 2005 is in a "Sustaining mode", and efforts are being concentrated on Vista, what if anything is going into fixing some of the existing bugs within MCE 2005? For example: Support for HDTV tuners without the need for having an analog tuner installed, or fixing the issues with Live TV that prevents the machine going into standby with S3.

  10. MSDN Archive says:

    Ah – good question.

    We take feedback from our OEMs and through them our customers – and we take it very seriously.

    Each issue reported goes through a review and we fix the most serious.

    One of the difficult things we face is what to fix and what not to fix. There are risks in fixing issues – in that the fix can be worse than the problem at times.

    We also try to focus resources on the current project in developoment while leaving enough resources on the past projects to fix major problems.

    In terms of the two exmaples you gave:

    1. HD issue won’t be fixed in 2005. This is an architecture problem with the guide.

    2. Standby mode might have a chance. The OEMs are very concerned with Standby and we’ve heard issues before and have fixed some. No guarantees but that one seems like it could bubble up to us.

    Bottom line though is that we do listen and care.

  11. Joey says:

    Nice to get the insider scoop 🙂

    So how far along are the media center components of vista so far? are they accessible in the recent beta releases that have being reported on recently?

  12. MSDN Archive says:

    Media Center is working in current builds of Vista. I’ve been using it at work and hope to be using it at home soon.

    I’ve seen some reports online. Take a look at the links on other Media Center bloggers. They have some info posted, especially Charlie Owen.

    We actually got a bad review. I agree with a bit of it, but most of it I don’t agree with…you’ll see on Charlie’s blog.

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