Why Aren’t People More Excited About Media Center?

So as you’ve probably seen by now – Media Center has sold over 20 million copies. This is quite cool. When I started on the team about three years ago we’d only sold about 750 thousand. It has been quite an opportunity to grow with the team. That being said I don’t see a lot…


Ugh! So Much to Blog About – Just not Quite Yet

There is so much to blog about that it is just killing me. I’ve been trying to think of new blog posts that don’t relate to the project that I’m working on – at least until it is announced. Until then I suppose I have to think of some interesting topics to keep everyone engaged….


Glitching on Live TV with AMD Dual Core Processors

A few months ago I posted about folks seeing glitching while watching live TV if they were using AMD Dual Core Processors. There was a driver update that came out that I pointed to. A co-worker of mine mailed and said there was a newer driver. Hopefully if anyone still has issues here this will fix…


Random Features I Like About Vista and Some Other Thoughts

So a few things here. As always there are just my personal opinions. Nobody writes this stuff for me – or edits, etc. Just me here on my couch. Also before I start I think my next post will go into how we get features into the product and a bit about coming in late…


Dave – where did you go?

I admit it – I’m a lame blogger. Seriously. I wonder if anyone will even read this. How long has it been? Almost six months. All I can say is sorry. I’m still in eHome. I’m still alive. No I wasn’t taken out by an exploding battery. I’m still working on Media Center. There have been theories…


I’m on the Media Center Show

Check out the interview and my voice taking up space on the internet. 🙂 Does anyone like how they sound when recorded?


One Big Secret Revealed – Media Center Retail and Upgrade!

Honestly one of the biggest frustrations in blogging is that I can’t talk about everything that I’m doing. The retail project is one of the big ones that was on the down low. Now it is out and I can admit that I own the retail project for Media Center from a technical perspective. What…


Media Center Chats

I’ve heard requests for chats on Media Center. Not sure if you everyone knew about our chats or not but we do hold chats pretty regularly (I attend when I can). People from the product group and MVPs participate to help you with any issues you have. You can get more info at: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/expertzone/chats/default.mspx Thanks…


A New Role on Media Cener

A quick update. I’ve made a small update ot the title. I’ve switched form the Project Management team to a Program Manager. What does that mean within Microsoft? Well simply enough a Project Manager at Microsoft looks across the entire project. A Project Manager would worry about making sure everyone gets their work done. Writes…


How embarrassing! How did that time bomb get into Vista anyway?

As promised the story of how something like a time bomb slips through.   Two words: Dual Projects   Let’s set some basics on software development and define a few terms. I’m figuring most of you know this already but a baseline never hurt anyone.   When developing software you normally write code and check…