This blog has moved

The date has finally come for the move of this dev blog off the MSDN platform. After considering several options, I am moving to LinkedIn articles for sharing future updates about Azure, Logic Apps, BizTalk, B2B integration, iPaaS, XML, SAP, Flat File, .NET, APIM, Azure Functions, etc… Please go in the future to Some of…

Fix for Logic Apps Log Analytics B2B solution “Oops… Looks like we couldn’t get the data”

We are rolling out a fix for the following error in Logic Apps Log Analytics B2B solution. The error was visible in the summary tile, partners and X12/EDIFACT  tiles of the solution.   The error manifested when the EDIFACT acknowledgements lack the TSN (Transaction Set Number). From our on-call engineer: “The issue here is the field…


Azure Logic Apps connected to SAP, and now what?

So we’ve released to public preview the SAP connector for Azure Logic Apps which lets you call or be called as RFCs, BAPIs, as well as send and receive IDOCs. But beyond the technical aspect, what does that mean in terms of business process, patterns you can enable with these? What does it really mean…


Logic App and B2B Integration Account monitoring solution right from the Azure portal

New in the Azure Marketplace you can now create a Logic App or Integration Account OMS monitoring solution right from the Azure portal, simply searching by the keywords “Logic App”: The Logic Apps Management solution was released to public preview earlier this month (see this blog post).  


Logic App, B2B diagnostics logging, monitoring and alerting documentation newly expanded

The documentation writer and our engineering team has recently scrubbed for quality and expanded for holistic coverage our documentation of both Logic App and B2B integration diagnostics logging, monitoring and alerting. The improved documentation was released just last Friday at: Monitor Logic App status Monitor B2B messages Track B2B messages in OMS Query OMS for B2B…