This blog has moved

The date has finally come for the move of this dev blog off the MSDN platform. After considering several options, I am moving to LinkedIn articles for sharing future updates about Azure, Logic Apps, BizTalk, B2B integration, iPaaS, XML, SAP, Flat File, .NET, APIM, Azure Functions, etc… Please go in the future to Some of…

New Logic App connector error responses to SAP

The next update to On-Premises Data Gateway SAP Adapter component for Azure Logic Apps SAP connector will include implementation of error condition translation to ABAP exception or BAPI return depending of what is available in the invoked RFC metadata. This will come in use when using the SAP trigger of the connector (when a message…


New extended log file for SAP connector in On-Premises Data Gateway coming in September

I recently checked in the master branch for the next release of the On-Premises Data Gateway (should be coming in September) a new extended log file generator for the Logic Apps SAP connector. This generator will redirect previously difficult to access ETW events in a more approachable way to rotating log files added into the zipped…


Logic App SAP connector all the logs to capture for troubleshooting and requesting support

Here is a review of holistic logs applicable to SAP connector for Azure Logic Apps. I have previously blogged how to enable NCo library tracing, in which I mentioned both the Logic App run history and Gateway logs as well. I am not repeating here the NCo logging details and rather expand on other logs….


Validate and troubleshoot Azure Logic App WebHook trigger pattern for API connector

If you follow the WebHook trigger pattern for your own custom connector or use a connector build with this pattern,, errors happening in registering the WebHook will not appear during the Azure Logic App Designer use and will be easily missed. In the designer you will still be able to save with no validation…


Azure Logic App SAP Connector: troubleshooting 504 BadGateway “Request to SAP server timed out.”

Today while testing upcoming functionality for the Azure Logic App SAP Connector I was feeding semi-random input to it and generated the following error which cause is not obvious at first hand: “body”: { “error”: { “code”: 504, “source”: “”, “clientRequestId”: “f45788bc-5193-4691-8911-5c18d95b995e”, “message”: “BadGateway”, “innerError”: { “status”: 504, “message”: “Request to SAP server timed out.”,…


Enable SAP NCo library logging/tracing for Azure On-Premises Data Gateway and the SAP Connector

Issues with the SAP Connector can be tricky to troubleshoot. To facilitate the troubleshooting the more logging you can get the better. Besides the high-level error response visible in the Logic App run history details (see, and the On-Premises Data Gateway exportable logs (see, you can further enable SAP NCo library logging/tracing. To do…


Logic App and B2B Integration Account monitoring solution right from the Azure portal

New in the Azure Marketplace you can now create a Logic App or Integration Account OMS monitoring solution right from the Azure portal, simply searching by the keywords “Logic App”: The Logic Apps Management solution was released to public preview earlier this month (see this blog post).  


Logic App, B2B diagnostics logging, monitoring and alerting documentation newly expanded

The documentation writer and our engineering team has recently scrubbed for quality and expanded for holistic coverage our documentation of both Logic App and B2B integration diagnostics logging, monitoring and alerting. The improved documentation was released just last Friday at: Monitor Logic App status Monitor B2B messages Track B2B messages in OMS Query OMS for B2B…