Responding back to SAP from Logic App

So you’ve registered SAP as a trigger in Azure Logic Apps, enabling SAP to call it as for any other RFC. But how do you parse the SAP request and respond back to it with actual content and not just a vanilla OK? If you enable the support for multiple RFCs by your Logic App…


New Logic App connector error responses to SAP

The next update to On-Premises Data Gateway SAP Adapter component for Azure Logic Apps SAP connector will include implementation of error condition translation to ABAP exception or BAPI return depending of what is available in the invoked RFC metadata. This will come in use when using the SAP trigger of the connector (when a message…


SAP Type handling connection parameter

From our internal testing, the new connection parameter (Safe Typing check-box): The change is about to merge to our master branch for deployment in the following days. The update to the connector in the cloud will work in pair with a pending update to the On-Premises Data Gateway, while remaining backward compatible with current version…


Continued: Strongly typed date, time and numerical fields from SAP DATS, TIMS and NUMC support in Azure Logic Apps SAP connector

We’re about to release the type handling improvements for Azure Logic App SAP connector previously announced here. The connection will have a new Boolean (true-false) parameter “SafeTyping”, enabling to treat DATS and TIMS as string rather than their XML equivalents xs:date and xs:time (where xmlns:xs=””). This is an opt-in behavior as we encourage our user…


Logic Apps SAP connector BAPI support – going under the hood

In the series of posts about Logic Apps SAP connector I am talking today about some details of the implementation for the support of BAPIs. Similar to my recent post on IDoc action url and schema generation (IDoc post), when you are using BAPIs with Logic Apps SAP connector, you will need an action URL…


Logic App SAP connector IDoc support – going under the hood

While working on a customer inquiry, I recently investigated the details of our logic for IDoc support, including browsing which are available in the SAP system, forming the hierarchical view to pick an action URL from and generating the metadata / XML schema for the request-response payload. The following details are not a public contract,…


Logic Apps B2B encode minor update

We are rolling out a small fix to Logic Apps B2B connectors (EDIFACT and X12) for their Encode API. We were not catching properly exception from invalid XML document user input where the document contained XML complex type Choice or All elements which actual occurrences count exceeded the maximum specified in the XML schema. For…


Logic Apps EDIFACT connector update to support padding interchange qualifier

We are rolling out a small update to the Azure Logic Apps EDIFACT connector. With this update comes a new envelope setting ‘BusinessIdentityQualifierPaddingType’, an enumeration defining if and what padding needs to be performed on the interchange qualifier. This is defined as follows:     /// <summary> /// The enum is defined to indicate number of…


Logic Apps SFTP with SSH connector minor update

The team is rolling out a minor update to the SFTP with SSH connector for Logic Apps, tuning chunk size (15 MB) and retry count (2 retries that adds to the original request, i.e. 3 tries maximum) so that requests do not time out.


Logic App SAP trigger: ERROR Gateway not connected to local R/3

When using a SAP system topology where the SAP Gateway does not run the SAP DIALOG process, and registering a new Logic App SAP trigger, you may get the SAP failure: ERROR Gateway not connected to local R/3 This is happening because Logic Apps is providing the SAP Gateway information for the RFC server registration…