Logic Apps X12 connector control of Group Header field GS08 aka Version Release Identifier

When you edit the X12 agreement in the Azure Portal blade for Integration Account, you see under the receive and send settings a picker for the ISA12 field aka Control Version Number. But what about the Group Header field GS08 aka Version Release Identifier?

You can control this with the agreement property groupHeaderVersion in the envelope settings. While not in the user interface at the moment, you can edit this field under “Edit as JSON”

        "envelopeSettings": {
          "controlStandardsId": 85,
          "useControlStandardsIdAsRepetitionCharacter": false,
          "senderApplicationId": "11111",
          "receiverApplicationId": "22222",
          "controlVersionNumber": "00401",
          "interchangeControlNumberLowerBound": 1,
          "interchangeControlNumberUpperBound": 999999999,
          "rolloverInterchangeControlNumber": true,
          "enableDefaultGroupHeaders": true,
          "groupControlNumberLowerBound": 1,
          "groupControlNumberUpperBound": 999999999,
          "rolloverGroupControlNumber": true,
          "groupHeaderAgencyCode": "T",
          "groupHeaderVersion": "004010",
          "transactionSetControlNumberLowerBound": 1,
          "transactionSetControlNumberUpperBound": 999999999,
         "rolloverTransactionSetControlNumber": true,
          "overwriteExistingTransactionSetControlNumber": true,
          "groupHeaderDateFormat": "CCYYMMDD",
          "groupHeaderTimeFormat": "HHMM",
          "usageIndicator": "Information"
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  1. TSCH says:

    Thanks for this

    This seems one piece of a puzzle that I am trying to solve. I am trying to support X12 830 00200 (specifically a Toyota TMS one and Ford’s 830O v002001FORD) by taking the included 00204 XSD and modifying it and supporting. I keep getting the Agreement failing with “t6: The message has an unknown document type and did not resolve to any of the existing schemas configured in the agreement.” I have done this successfully w/EDIFACT as per https://docs.microsoft.com/bs-latn-ba/azure/logic-apps/logic-apps-enterprise-integration-edifact_inputfile_unh2.5 and I am looking for direction as explicit for a custom X12 schema, since I am sure some Edit as JSON… steps are required. Can you point me in the right direction?

    1. David Burg says:

      My colleague Praveen is sharing the following :

      I think It should work if you have both targetNamespace and documentName (document type should be the part of document name) as properties of custom schema.

      The document name X12_00601_108 should map to agreement as

      schemaVersion: 00601

      messageId : 108

      schemaName: X12_00601_108

      For modifying the schema, the following link could be helpful


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