Logic App SAP connector all the logs to capture for troubleshooting and requesting support

Here is a review of holistic logs applicable to SAP connector for Azure Logic Apps. I have previously blogged how to enable NCo library tracing, in which I mentioned both the Logic App run history and Gateway logs as well. I am not repeating here the NCo logging details and rather expand on other logs….


Understanding Logic App Custom Connectors configuration

When things are very simplified and abstracted as for the Logic App Custom Connectors, it sometimes gets a bit confusing as to what’s what. Here are some pointers about the configuration of the Logic App Custom Connectors which should bring some clarity, especially in the context of SOAP. What’s important to realize is that Connectors…


Custom URL path for Pass-through SOAP connector for Azure Logic App

Earlier this year I blogged about the release of pass-through SOAP Custom Connector for Logic Apps, which included a basic example with no custom URI path: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/david_burgs_blog/2018/02/28/logic-app-soap-pass-through-custom-connector/ Some SOAP services need to customize the URL path, for instance those using a sub-path for connecting with WS-Security Username Token as does GEP’s Master Data SOAP service…