Trace SOAP to REST calls to and response back from backend SOAP service with API Inspector

While Logic App SOAP Custom Connector works as-is and with minimal configuration by the user for some services, there are cases where your runtime calls from Logic App to the SOAP Service via the middle tier of API Management won’t succeed. Logic App does its best configuring outbound policies that will automatically translate the SOAP…


Advanced types in Logic App SOAP Custom Connectors

Please be aware of the following limitation: Only the (base) type directly referred by a SOAP operation’s message will be used to generate JSON to XML translation. Even if the type is declared as abstract. If that base type is derived in one or more sub-types, sub-types that are not referred by the SOAP action…


Workaround: “Cannot read property ‘parameters’ of undefined” when attempting to add an action in Logic App designer

I’ve been observing this failure myself and pulling my hairs for a couple of days before figuring it out. This happens in particular when you open the designer window shortly after creating or updating a Logic App Custom Connector such as SOAP or REST. This is because the Logic App designer is picking up new…


Logic Apps resources

Here is a quick summary of online resources for users of Logic Apps. MSDN forum: Azure Logic Apps Blog: Azure Logic Apps User-voice feedback: Logic Apps and Connectors Azure docs: Logic Apps – includes a link to PowerShell, REST API docs, also the workflow template definition language is explained, etc. YouTube:…


Troubleshooting Logic Apps X12, EDIFACT schema not found issues

As you attempt to encode an outgoing B2B message with Logic Apps, you sometimes get a 400 Bad Request response with the error message: Message cannot be serialized since the schema http://Contoso.X12810.MSLI.Schemas.AP.X1200401810#X12_00401_810 could not be located. Either the schema is not deployed or multiple copies are deployed. Which we are improving for cases that there…


SOAP services support in Azure Logic App

Fresh off the press, native support for SOAP services in Logic App! This feature builds upon the custom OpenAPI connectors recently released for Logic Apps. You now have the option to create SOAP connectors in Logic Apps, by importing a WSDL file instead of an OpenAPI / Swagger definition. Specifically you can try the Fazio…


Azure Logic App X12 replacing separator characters in payload

Using the B2B X12 connector for Azure Logic App, sometimes the input xml values in the payload has reserved characters which conflict with the X12 encoding that you are attempting. X12 agreement with your external partner defines a segment separator character which then cannot be present as well in the value of the segment. By…


Logic App and B2B Integration Account monitoring solution right from the Azure portal

New in the Azure Marketplace you can now create a Logic App or Integration Account OMS monitoring solution right from the Azure portal, simply searching by the keywords “Logic App”: The Logic Apps Management solution was released to public preview earlier this month (see this blog post).  


Using Google OAuth 2.0 authorization server in Azure API Management

While trying out API Management’s in-preview SOAP to REST capabilities against Google’s AdWords API, I needed to enable Google’s OAuth 2.0 authorization in APIM to connect to the API. While each separately has good documentations and samples, I didn’t find the intersect of someone putting together to two. So here it is, how to use Google…


Logic App, B2B diagnostics logging, monitoring and alerting documentation newly expanded

The documentation writer and our engineering team has recently scrubbed for quality and expanded for holistic coverage our documentation of both Logic App and B2B integration diagnostics logging, monitoring and alerting. The improved documentation was released just last Friday at: Monitor Logic App status Monitor B2B messages Track B2B messages in OMS Query OMS for B2B…