Installing/Adding IIS Windows Authentication feature in Windows 8

While installing the BizTalk Adapter Service I got the error “IIS Windows Authentication feature must be installed”. As I am investigating Windows Azure Service Bus from my workstation running Windows 8, I don’t have the convenience of the Server Manager to turn in on. Instead you will find it under the Windows Features – search…


Good reading for the cloud

Following an interview of a local candidate I was prompted to get back to blogging and share some good reads on cloud computing. I am going to be partial to Microsoft’s cloud Azure as it is what I’ve been working on lately, but feel free to comment on equivalent resources for other vendors’ cloud offering….

Automatically calling signature verification disabling as part of build for delay signed assemblies

I authored this neat but overkilled build target for Visual Studio 2012 to automatically disable signature verification on the output of projects as part of a build step:   <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?><Project xmlns=”″>    <!– Turn off assembly signature verification when needed, so delay sign assemblies do not fail to load in dev unit test…