Logic Apps X12 connector control of Group Header field GS08 aka Version Release Identifier

When you edit the X12 agreement in the Azure Portal blade for Integration Account, you see under the receive and send settings a picker for the ISA12 field aka Control Version Number. But what about the Group Header field GS08 aka Version Release Identifier? You can control this with the agreement property groupHeaderVersion in the envelope…


Anti-patterns in iPaaS

Here are a couple of anti-patterns which have surfaces recently in my interactions supporting customers of Azure Logic Apps:  IP white-listing With on-premises integration solution, it used to be that the elements of the integration system were residing on specific static servers, such as their IP(s) as client of other services were static and well-known….


Non-Unicode SAP systems support and improved parallel performance for Logic Apps SAP connector

With the release of the October version of the On-Premises Data Gateway (here), the SAP connector for Logic Apps now supports sending and receiving messages from SAP system configured to use non-Unicode encoding of characters such as page-code based encoding. Also with this release, significant concurrency issues have been lifted, such that as many requests…


Escape characters illegal in XML with hex character reference through an Azure Function V2

Just now published sample code Visual Studio 2017 project on GitHub at https://github.com/daviburg/CSharpUtilities/tree/master/Sources/Daviburg.Utilities/Daviburg.FixToXmlCharacters demonstrating a C# Azure Function V2 that escapes characters illegal in XML to an hex character reference, i.e.  value. We have seen users migrating from non-Microsoft platform to Azure iPaaS having difficulties with XML messages which did not comply to W3C’s specification…


Strongly typed date and time fields for SAP connector, and NUMC fields

These types have been a source of headache for users of BizTalk Server SAP Adapter as demonstrated by the amount of blog posting, forum questions and the existence of the SAP adapter binding connection parameter “EnableSafeTyping” and the further complication of a fine grain 12-toggles DataTypeBehavior binding connection parameter. Refer to posts from last decade:…


New extended log file for SAP connector in On-Premises Data Gateway coming in September

I recently checked in the master branch for the next release of the On-Premises Data Gateway (should be coming in September) a new extended log file generator for the Logic Apps SAP connector. This generator will redirect previously difficult to access ETW events in a more approachable way to rotating log files added into the zipped…


Logic App XML Validation with all the error handling

Logic App comes with the built-in XML validation action. The documentation does a quick introduction of how to handle the happy scenario of a valid schema. However it does not explain or show how to handle validation errors. Here’s an extensive example that goes exhaustively through the scenarios which may be thrown at your XML…


PowerShell script to restart role instances for WebApp

The Azure PowerShell cmdlets for WebApp allow you to restart a WebApp or a WebApp slot. They do not however allow to restart an instance within the WebApp – or to be precise, the w3wp.exe process within that instance as it is the one that runs the WebApp instance. This is however a convenient feature…


New GitHub repository for Open source C# utilities and concurrent lock dictionary

It’s been a while that I wanted to share some generic purpose utility classes and C# patterns back to the software engineering community. And today I finally got my act together and started this new GitHub repository with an initial couple of classes. The main class is usable as-is and solves a real-world challenge of…


Logic App SAP connector all the logs to capture for troubleshooting and requesting support

Here is a review of holistic logs applicable to SAP connector for Azure Logic Apps. I have previously blogged how to enable NCo library tracing, in which I mentioned both the Logic App run history and Gateway logs as well. I am not repeating here the NCo logging details and rather expand on other logs….