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I spend most of my working life on customer sites sat in their IT department looking at bookshelves full of old outdated books (Exchange 5.5 anyone?) . Why don’t these just get sent to recycling? We all know that the pace of change in the modern IT world means that by the time a traditional…


Azure Migration from ASM to ARM

Now that ARM (aka Azure v2.0) is quite well established people are starting to ask how they migrate their stuff over from the old ASM world to the new portal. Up to now that’s been done using mainly custom PowerShell scripting. Other tools might have existed but like PowerShell they just called the public API to…


Building an Azure DevTest environment from the command line

Here are some scripts I wrote to automate the building of a little development environment I needed for a project I was working on with a customer. These scripts where all generated in Visual Studio using the “Resource Group” template from the Azure SDK. I’ve tweaked them a little here and there but nothing major….


The Machine Learning Process

Whilst working on some material for customers I needed to learn all about Machine Learning as quickly as possible….at least I needed to understand the concepts as quickly as possible. Long story short I was pointed at this document:   Introducing Machine Learning – A guide for technical professionals   It covers the core principals of…


Learning Guide for Azure Stream Analytics.

What are Azure Stream Analytics? Azure Stream Analytics is a fully managed and hosted system that helps you to spot patterns in data as it enters your application in real-time with the data coming from any one of a number of different locations. This makes it easy to build real-time analytic applications on data streaming from devices, sensors, web…


Sorry, who are you again?

My name is David and I am a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) at Microsoft in the UK which means I spend all of my time travelling to see different customers teaching them about Azure ( I specialize in two main areas: Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which is Microsoft’s competitor product to EC2 from…


Resource Locks or “How to avoid deleting stuff you really ought not to”

It’s a pretty crap feeling when you’ve spent ages in the Azure Portal creating your ultimate network of resources only to accidently delete something or an entire resource group. There are two solutions to this: 1. Have a grown-up on hand to put sharpe knives out of your reach. 2. Given you are probably meant…