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After a long and very much needed hiatus, I have regained control of this blog and returned to blogging. For the curious reader, you can read about some of the happenings here. But, I am not one for dwelling on the past (except to learn and improve upon); I look forward to the future.

And speaking of the future... technology-wise, my day-to-day interests have moved up the application stack to Exchange, specifically the Calendaring, OOF, and Free/Busy components. Basically, whenever you use Outlook or OWA to schedule a meeting, look up an attendee's Free/Busy information, or toggle your own OOF on Exchange 2007 onward, you are looking at functionality that I am responsible for within Exchange... and that is just the beginning. So, I will certainly be offering tidbits and answering questions about that aspect of Exchange as well as others as I encounter them.

Of course, I will continue to write and answer questions about IIS and ISAPI since they remain woefully under-documented. Not much changes with ISAPI after IIS6 since it exists for compatibility. As for IIS7 and beyond... I was involved in a lot of the design discussions/reviews and co-inventor of the extensibility API introduced in IIS7, so I think I have a good idea how things SHOULD work at the core. 😉 Besides, most of the work on IIS7 and beyond should come in the form of additional modules/handler on top of the core extensibility API, so questions about them are really specific to those modules and not IIS...



P.S. Yes, I am still working on answering the backlog of existing comments, and I have just re-enabled anonymous comments...

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  1. atdino says:

    Great come back, well, interestingly is IIS7 going to go live with Orcas, .NET 3.5 a better performance (load) in IIS7 compare to IIS6? Is IIS7 a longhorn server only feature? Thank you.

  2. David.Wang says:

    atdino – IIS7 is available for both Vista Client and Longhorn Server. IIS7 has no direct ties to any .Net Framework version, as its managed extensibility API exists within ASP.Net 2.0+ onward.


  3. simon says:

    Welcome come back!

    I have a question about IIS6.0, I set DefaultAppPool’s Recycle Worker Process in 60 minutes, the issue is request timedout at recycle piont, at this time  w3wp.exe PID changed. can you telll me how to configurate it and prevent timedout.


  4. David.Wang says:

    simon – Request timeout sounds like an issue with the server-side application and not IIS itself.

    In particular, if the w3wp.exe PID changed, it usually indicates that the server-side application crashed and caused a hang for the client (see http://blogs.msdn.com/david.wang/archive/2005/08/29/HOWTO_Understand_and_Diagnose_an_AppPool_Crash.aspx for details).

    You will need to either diagnose or hire someone to diagnose the server-side application to determine the cause of the crash that results in client-side timeout.


  5. Raj says:

    I have read your blog about how IIS determines about downloading .exe files but I have strange problem with .CAB files. I have checked everything but not able to download .CAB files. Any ideas will be appreaciated.

  6. Asmita says:

    Hi David:

    This may be a repeat question but even after following the inputs from your blog for IIS 6.0 , I have not been able to run a simple batch file let alone an .exe from an ASP page.

    My goal is to convert the mpeg /.mp4 files to .flv file using FFMPEG.exe

    To achieve the above I have created a virtual directory and following are my settings:

    1. Directory Security ->

    a) Authentication and access control -> Checked enable anonymous access with username IUSR_CompName.

    (I have given IUSR_CompName admin rights , hence it has full control)

    b) IP Address and domain restrictions-> granted access to only my system.

    2. Virtual Directory->

    a) Local path : have given the path of the folder for my virtual directory

    b) Checked : read , Write

    c) Execute Permissions: Scripts and executable

    d) Application Pool: Default appPool

    ** I have set the Default Application pool properties for Identity->Predefined : Local System

    Do we need to something else for the virtual site list which comes under this?

    3.HTTP Header : the MIME types : have included .exe,.flv,.bat,.txt

    whatever extension are present under my virtual directory

    As a starting point I created a batch file some_batch.bat :

    echo hello

    The following Default.asp code worked:


    <%@ Language=VBScript %>



     <% set shell=server.createobject("WScript.shell")

       mess=shell.Run("d:..path..some_batch.bat", 2, true)

       if(mess=0) then %>


       <% else %>

       didn’t work

     <% end if %>




    But when I changed the batch file content to:

    rename a1.txt to a2.txt

    it returned did’nt work

    a) a1 file exists in the virtual directory itself

    b) there are no errors under C:WINDOWSsystem32LogFilesW3SVC%

    As I understand this inspite of giving write permissions on the virtual directory the batch file does not get executed?

    And also what will be the possible advice for running the FFMPEG exe.



  7. Asmita says:

    Corrections : for the above comment for batch file

    rename a1.txt  a2.txt

    and not

    rename a1.txt to a2.txt

  8. I would like to retrieve info from a 1973 program (which contains the data) written in Wang Basic.

    Niakwa had a conversion program which I used in 1989 but it does not work any more.

    Where might I be able to find/buy a program with which I can access the program on my PC running XP Home?

    Any assistance would be most appreciated.

    Dennis Manche’

  9. David.Wang says:

    Asmita – "rename a1.txt a2.txt"   assumes that the current directory when executing the batch file is that directory itself, which is clearly not necessarily true. I recommend writing a better batch file that works regardless of the current directory executing the batch file.

    Batch files are notoriously hard to troubleshoot because there is no error handling — you have to do everything. Clearly, your batch file did nothing to record errors, so nothing will ever show up anywhere, least of all IIS’s request log file.

    What "write" permission are you talking about? See this blog entry for more details.


    My recommendation is for you to figure out how to write your script code outside of IIS with the *only* assumption being that IIS can provide you the name of the input file to convert. You need your batch file to run from any directory (different from where your conversion files are located) and be able to take any input and put it anywhere else. The more you assume, the harder it will be to figure out what is going on.


  10. David.Wang says:

    Dennis – you can run Virtual PC on XP Home to run a Virtual Machine to run older software like MSDOS 5.0, which can hopefully run your converted program in DOS.



  11. David

    That was just the shot.

    Many, many thanks

    With Best Wishes


  12. David

    I wonder if I may impose on you again.

    I made a start-up diskette from my XP but when I boot

    with it I can only access floppy drive A.

    I cannot access drive C

    This does not seem normal or am I doing something wrong?

    Your comments please


  13. psgarcha says:

    Hi David – This is my first post. I am about to pull out my hair due to a HTTP 401.1 error on the Win 2K3 server. I have a ASP .Net 2.0 site configured on my local XP box – with Anon Acess / Integrated Win Auth turned on. It works fine.

    However when I push out the same site to the Dev server – it throws a 401.1 error message. The following user is setup for Anon Access on the Win 2K3 Box : IUSR_TEMPLATE [came out of the box]

    I have to enter my Admin credentials on the webiste to bring it up. I know I am missing something. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks a bunch


  14. Wazoo says:

    Just wanted to say "Welcome Back"!

    I’ve been a silent-reader of your blog for a while, and I’m glad you’re posting again!

    I’ve been digging into automation of IIS6/7 for our web server farm and you always seem to have the keys to unlocking what I’m trying to accomplish.

    Many thanks and I look forward to enjoying more of it!

  15. Mohammed Rafique says:

    Issue with Application Pool Crashing.

    Event IDs:- 1010, 1012, 1013.

    Went through the following KB- 919792/ 821268/ 828222/ 827214/ 821268/ 827214/ 828222/ 919792.

    But no results.

    If anyone gone through the issue and also tried the above mentioned articles please post your comments and also please send the solution for the same.  

    This is my Email Address:- rafique.hrs@gmail.com;


    Mohammed Rafique

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