Internet Explorer is not an HTTP Validator

Question: I tried a 2nd approach in porting client code from WinInet, and that was to utilize managed C++, as opposed to WinHttp. After implementing the .NET managed client code…    HttpWebRequest^ myReq = dynamic_cast<HttpWebRequest^>(WebRequest::Create( strTargetURL ));    myReq->Method = “POST”;    …     HttpWebResponse^ HttpWResp = dynamic_cast<HttpWebResponse^>(myReq->GetResponse()); Within the code, GetResponse() throws…     An unhandled exception of…


Water Day 2006

Annually, the IIS team gathers at Emily’s house on the shores of lake Sammamish to enjoy a day of fun under under the sun. We call it “water day”, and it has been a team tradition for at least as long as I have been on the IIS team. Its organization, activities, and participants constantly alter,…


Hunting for Real Estate

Lately, I have not been making frequent blog posts. There are good reasons, of course… and I will get to disclosing them in the near future. Recently, I have been spending a lot of time house-hunting. Yeah, I have decided that it is about time for me to move from my condo into a stand-alone house….