Back from Europe… amidst a flood of comments

Ok... I have just returned from my three week vacation in Europe. Jet-lag is kicking in about now, so I am going to sleep.

I had a blast visiting London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Cologne, Brussels, Luxembourg, and Amsterdam... I will get to observations about them future entries. For certain, I learned to appreciate several cultural and technological differences which I never understood until observing them in the public mass-transit systems across several countries...

I took 4GB of SD memory with me on the trip, and I used up every last bit of it with over 1,000 pictures and mini-movies. Yeah, I did take more pictures on this trip than I have the past several years combined. Now, I have no idea where to host any number of them as a photo gallery since I've never bothered with such services (remember, I tend to be on the trailing edge of using this "technology" stuff)...

Since I really went dark the past three weeks as far as electronics communication and much of technology is concerned, I now have that deluge of blog comments (sheesh, spammers have been doing a good job lately), email from work and friends, and the usual monthly finance stuff.

I get this feeling that I will need *another* vacation just to recover from the "life" correspondence-pile-up of this of vacation.

Sigh. Isn't technology just wonderful? 😉


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  1. Jim Vierra says:

    David –

    Upload all pictures via any photo publishing tool to any server.  Be sure to compress for Web (should knock it down to under a GB)

    Use the publisher to auto-generate a browser and divide photos up into subfolder structure however you decide to classify)

    Use this site for yourself so you can browse and grab URLS to the photos.  Then you can add them to blogs and emails or web pages as you like over time.  Just got to your photo browser and grab the URL.

    Some phot managers do a great job of building a detailed index of tagged photos.  It also allow you to batch generate a simple HTML site that works well enogh for building an archive online.

  2. Welcome back!

    If you’ve got a server to host on, PhotoRoom is quick and easy. (  

    Basically, set up your hierarchy, copy a couple of files and a BIN directory, and you’re done.

    We need to rewrite this for .Net 2.0, and it’s hugely inefficient (basically compressing each image on the fly) but it works, it’s easy, and it’s free.


  3. David.Wang says:

    Jim, Chris – hmm… I guess my problem is that I do not have a server to host pictures or anything on. I know… a techie guy not run or own a server on the Internet? But remember I am of the lagging sort when it comes to using technology because I see too much bleeding edge.

    Ok, so maybe this is enough motivation for me to go purchase a DNS name, run IIS7 from my house (let me try it inside of a VS2005R2 since I have all that running now), and author some interesting modules and web apps? 🙂


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