SiteBuilder Contest for Students

I do not do these advertisements often... because I rather be an information producer and not necessarily a conduit. But, sometimes, I wager I should try to be a good corporate citizen...

I had worked with John before on the Web Based Shared Hosting Accelerator and the general space of Mass Hosting with IIS6, and SiteBuilder is an ongoing extension of that work... so I kinda have an interest in the space. 🙂 Hey, we seriously want to make building web applications and hosting on Windows easy and cheap for both the hoster and the end-user, so you gotta tell us what you want, like, and not like.

For those of you with youngsters or know of youngsters that love to work on design and web pages (not necessarily code them up, but that would be cool, too), this would be a great opportunity to have fun and have a chance to win some cool stuff. 😀


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Enter the SiteBuilder for Windows contest today!  SiteBuilder for Windows is an easy-to-use, step-by-step website building tool that anyone can use, regardless of technical proficiency.  

You don’t need any HTML knowledge to use SiteBuilder. In five easy steps you can create a cool website and enter the contest.  The only thing you need is creativity.

What can you do with SiteBuilder for Windows?

  • Showcase and share your photographs
  • Publicize your on-campus organizations or events
  • Create a web presence for your team, club, or Greek organization
  • Professionalize your job applications with a personal resume site
  • Customize your blog

Enter the SiteBuilder for Windows contest and win one of six laptops and other cool prizes.  

To learn more, visit


·         Win one of six brand new, state of the art Dell laptops!

·         Student Discounts! Numerous contestants will receive discount coupons for a variety of Dell products and merchandise.

·         And become famous! All winners will be prominently featured in industry publications and on the sponsors’ websites. Talk about exposure!

Get the most votes and win the grand prize! The site that gets the most votes in each category WINS.  Get your friends, family, neighbors and classmates to vote. 

All websites will be hosted on DOTSTER, FREE for SIX MONTHS after the contest.

Entering is Easy!

Register at

  1. Create your free site
  2. Get everyone you know to vote for your site!

Comments (2)

  1. Robert E. Spivack says:

    Want brutal feedback?

    I wish MS would stop pushing 3rd party teaserware (Sitebuilder is from ensim and like a drug dealer they are trying to hook hosters with one year free and then make them pay).

    If you really want to encourage hosters, how about a built-by Microsoft End-user control panel that totally uses microsoft technologies like Active Directory, ASP.Net master pages/skins/themes, and especially a premier user experience with heavy Atlas/Ajax and modern UI concepts.

    Politically, MS is still dancing around the Ensim and SWSoft "partner offerings" of overpriced control panel stuff that is de facto Linux features and nothing extra on Windows.

    A Microsoft branded, Microsoft technology-based control panel at very affordable SPLA prices would give us a real edge against all the generic cPanel Linux hosts out there a dime a dozen.

  2. David.Wang says:

    Robert – I have passed your feedback on to John.

    It sounds like you are saying that Microsoft should produce a product like Small Business Server 2003, which integrates various other Microsoft technologies like Exchange, Sharepoint, IIS, ISA, etc into a real package from Microsoft that VARs can sell and support to their end-users — and do it for Web Hosting.


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