I know that ASP.Net Atlas strays a little bit from my usual topics and focus, but I have to rave about cool things when I see it. 🙂

If you have yet to watch Scott take a lap around ASP.Net Atlas and show how insanely easy it is to build standards-conforming web applications using ASP.Net and then enhance it AJAX using Atlas... then you should do yourself a favor and watch it now.

Imagine... this is what your elite squad... errr, I mean, LEGIONS of web developers could be doing. Doesn't it make building web applications look so drag-and-drop easy that YOU can do it?

Yeah, I know nothing about ASP.Net, so Master Pages, Data Sets for SQL abstraction, Intellisense support, and easy debugging all look pretty spiffy (and logical) to me. But, I am a nuts-and-bolts sort of guy, so I am more interested in the details of how to make those features work efficiently... and not how to leverage them to build new things. Guess that is one reason why I am not a Web Developer. 😉

Just think... this is where web applications are heading with ASP.Net Atlas and IIS7...


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