Weekend at the Washington Wineries

Lately, I have been a bit more focused on doing my day job of working on IIS7... Yeah yeah, I got my office back in order after the move, so I wager I should put the time to some good use. Actually, I just haven't encountered a blog topic during this time period that won't seriously distract me to write about (I already have several more in depth investigations owed...), so I've stayed a bit more mum. I'll be blogging when the right topic comes up or I have more free time, whichever comes first. 😉

Work on IIS7 is... still going. There are some major milestones coming up and the entire team is madly trying to nail the deadline, which also does its finest in changing and eluding us. Yup, that's what everyone is focused on... that moving target. We'll catch it, though.

So over the weekend, I visited some of the local Washington wineries - Chateau Ste. Michelle and Columbia - and had quite a few tastings of wine... so you probably don't want me posting articles right now. I mean, everything seems way too amusing for some bizarre reason. 😉 And I am probably too flushed to think.

I went ahead and purchased one and a half dozen bottles of wine as well... all whites... specifically, Rieslings, Gewurztraminers, and the CSM Muscat Canelli. I apply the same methodical approach to wines... so I have a sampling of wines using the same type of grapes from the different wineries... to allow me selection on which ones I like the most. And I buy in numbers whenever I find something I like... mostly so that I don't have to buy the replacement or the replacement's replacement when the time arises.

My conclusion? After these wine tastings, I have decided that I like lightly sweet and fruity white wines. Yup, that's the wine region which I will target from now on. The robust/complex Reds just don't do it for me. I just like the sweet, fruity taste... with a dash of alcohol present, of course.


You just may see some more wine bottles in my office photo in the future. 😉

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