IIS Diagnostics Toolkit a la carte

Last month, after more than a half year of wranging with the Windows OOB process, we finally released the IIS Diagnostics Toolkit, "full-monte" version. At that time, we promised to release the "a la carte" MSIs for each constituent of the IIS Diagnostics Toolkit "soon".

Well, it's been a month and once again, I am happy to say that it is "close" to releasing. How close? I have candidate WiX source files for all of the MSIs all checked in and waiting on the Windows OOB process to crank out the "official" MSIs (I have already done some private testing on my own unofficial builds) so that we can do final testing before releasing. Now, how long can that take - anyone want to make bets? 😉

Nah... if anything, Chris says that he finally understands and appreciates what setup testing is all about, why design changes suck for the tester, and why test automation is important. Traditionally, the Test team is the most enigmatic discipline to everyone outside of Test, especially product management... because while management understand that Program Managers design and coordinate features and Developers code up the features, they do not understand the role Testers coordinate between coded features and released software and how product design changes wreck havoc on Testing.

Chris says that he understands how it all fits together now. 🙂 Good. That is one more person outside of the Test team that has a taste of what goes on within Testing...

Hopefully, later this week I can make the announcement on the release of IIS Diagnostics Toolkit "a la carte", especially Debug Diagnostics 1.0 stand-alone MSI...


Comments (4)

  1. David.Wang says:

    We are *still* waiting on the build process to crank out an "official" build which I already unofficially built. Sigh.

    Sometimes I really wonder…


  2. Don’t forget about wfetch 1.4 MSI package 🙂

  3. David.Wang says:

    Bernard – no worries. All the tools in the full-monte IIS Diagnostics Toolkit are getting their own a la carte MSI with their latest refreshed bits.


  4. David Wang says:

    Ok, I know I said in this blog entry that the IIS Diagnostics Toolkit "a la carte" release was "close",…

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