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I was randomly browsing blogs on blogs.msdn.com following the recent Community Server upgrade, and I happened upon the newly started blog of a friend of mine on the Sparkle (aka "Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer" or EID) team.

I thought "cool... it's nice to see him blogging" and got ready to move on... but then I took a look through his blogroll and noticed that many members of the EID team apparently coordinated and started a concerted blogging effort the past two weeks. And I thought to myself:

Now there's an idea. Why don't we do that on the IIS team...

I mean, it wasn't a team-wide cold-turkey effort. Several EID team members had steadily blogged for some time now... so it was more a matter of getting more people on board to just talk about their areas of expertise and hopefully spark something interesting. You know what happens when people start communicating... 😉

How cool would it be if more IIS team members blogged? What sorts of things would be interesting to you... hypothetical IIS7, how-to use IIS6, how-to migrate from IIS5, etc...

I mean, EID has not even shipped yet, so their discussion is mostly beta + hypothetical. In contrast, I think the field for IIS is mature and wide-open... but strangely, I have a hard time convincing others to fill in. Thus far, I only know that the two Program Managers directly responsible for engaging with customers, Brett and Chris, have blogs. And I have already said why I am blogging.

*sigh* I only wish I can get some of the IIS developers to blog... but they all seem to want to focus on what they plan to do (which often cannot be publicly discussed) and not dwell on how and what they have done. Or even some of the IIS testers to blog about their favorite "mistakes" found in IIS... but I am just thinking out loud now.

Anyways... what do you think?


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  1. Tobin Titus says:

    I’m not there yet, but I’m joining the IIS UE team in March. You can count on me to blog tons once I get there.  I’m obviously not joining as an IIS developer, but I thoroughly believe that IIS 7 needs to be highly evangelized!

  2. David.Wang says:

    Tobin – Sounds great. Looking forward to it.


  3. Ya! more would be nice 🙂  Back then, I think Richard started this http://blogs.msdn.com/iishints, now it’s removed.

    I do hope to see more IIS team blogging, for instance – Wade, Anil, etc.

  4. David.Wang says:

    Bernard – yeah… I think that the keys to keeping a blog vibrant and alive are to:
    1. Have a target audience in mind and write to it. Like a TV channel, do not try to appeal to everyone because you end up appealing to no one.
    2. Have a “point” and stick to it. Like a TV show, people naturally gravitate towards the material they like.
    3. Blog regularly and often. Frequent change is a breath of fresh air.

    I think a couple more people on the IIS team are good candidates for regular blogging. I’m trying to get them started. 🙂


  5. David Wang says:

    Back in this blog entry, I mused about how nice it would be to have more bloggers from the IIS product…

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