Fix for Metabase Import Export from the UI


Hello David,

I was having issues which are identical to this post:

You stated that you were filing a bug, I was wondering if anything became of that report. Any information concerning this would be much appreciated.



The particular issue mentioned in the post should not be seen in officially released versions of Windows Server 2003. This bug was introduced during SP1 and was fixed prior to SP1 release, and since you should not be running any beta versions of Windows Server 2003 (SP1 has been released), this is technically a non-issue.

What caused this issue was simple code churn. A series of security-related changes were made across the IIS codebase during SP1, and one of them introduced a signed/unsigned logic flaw which led to broken UI functionality (the core feature and commandline access were unaffected - just the UI).

The day after the issue was reported in the newsgroup the fix was made, tested, and checked into SP1... so this should be a non-issue.


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