New Year 2006

Ok, I originally had grandiose plans of finishing up many of my queued up blog entries during my vacation over the holidays since I can only take so many days of relaxation before I get anxious to "do" something mentally stimulating. But then, life decided to creep up on me lately, so my hiatus just stretched on a little longer...

Well, I am back online now and recharged, so time to get things entries rolling... because more interesting topics queued themselves over the past several weeks that probably swamped my original plans of shortening up that queue... but oh well, that's life I guess. 🙂

I am going to try a few new things this year blog-wise.

  • I am going to spend more time on the "whatever else that fancies me", not all of which will be technically inclined/focused but certainly within taste. For example, entries along the veins of "My Mac Mini", "DebugDiag: The Saga to RTM", and "Putting on the Web Developer Hat", though may not involve technology at all.

    Hey, there are more facets to me than just being an IIS and ISAPI factoid. I do have opinions, habits, and representative life that dovetail (or not, depending on your views), and I am selecting the suitable bits to go onto the blog... 🙂
  • Technical Topics for blog entries are going to be more selective. I am starting to get a deluge of private comments of the following sort:

    "hey, you seem to know a lot about IIS - can you help me figure X out."

    Where X and level of descriptive issue detail varies all over the place. While I am flattered by the recognition and attention, I have to apologize that I really have less free time this year than years past, so I have to get more selective or else my sleep-time may start to suffer... which is not a good thing.

Ok, that's about all that's on my mind for the moment. Time to get rolling...


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